Guide to Managed WordPress Hosting

Ready for a better WordPress hosting service, but not sure how to choose one? This FREE ebook will help.

The Buyer's Guide to Managed WordPress Hosting ebook will help you understand:

  • The difference between partially and fully managed hosting
  • Why fully managed hosting is a great option
  • 5 myths about WordPress hosting
  • Important requirements you will most likely need in your next managed WordPress hosting service

Some examples from the book

"Why use managed hosting for your WordPress website? ... The benefit of fully managed WordPress hosting is that it dramatically minimizes the need to be a knowledgeable hosting user. This allows you to concentrate on the look of your site, the content, both which are very important, and how to get visitors to your site so that you can achieve your website objectives."

"Myth #1: An inexpensive hosting service is all you need for WordPress.There are many inexpensive partially-managed WordPress hosting services. These may be fine to start with, but there are many things to consider to really get the true picture of the total cost of your site. With partially-managed hosting services, you are going to need to set up, configure and tune your WordPress site quite frequently. If you have unlimited time, go for it. It may not be the best option, however, for small business, non-profit organizations and other organizations. Cheaper is not always better. You need to consider the total cost of the service."

Caching plugins definitely do help, but the best caching solution is when it is done at the hosting service level. There are a number of caching alternatives, such as Varnish, Memcached, and more that can be used at the hosting service level. Really good host level caching will employ multiple levels of caching."

So take the time to download our free ebook. It has a lot of valuable information to help you choose not just any managed WordPress hosting vendor, but a great one!