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DreamHost Expands Advanced Beta of DreamCompute

LOS ANGELES, California—October 29th, 2014—DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and cloud services for entrepreneurs and developers, has today announced that DreamCompute, its OpenStack-based public cloud computing service, has exited private beta and is now welcoming new customers worldwide to the promise of an open, unified cloud.

DreamCompute is a perfect solution for software developers looking to create development and test environments, full production deployments, and everything in-between.

Users can create unmanaged virtual servers on-demand with DreamCompute. All virtual servers benefit from full tenant isolation, support for IPv4 and IPv6, and users are given full administrator privileges. Each DreamCompute tenant receives a virtual OSI Layer 2 switch and is completely isolated at L2 from every other DreamCompute user.

True to DreamHost's commitment to open-source software, DreamCompute is powered by a powerful trio of open-source projects: OpenStack, the IaaS cloud computing platform, Ceph, the distributed storage platform incubated in the DreamHost Labs, and Akanda, DreamHost's own open-source networking package for OpenStack providing Layer 3+ services like routing, firewalls, and more.

User data is stored in a redundant Ceph cluster to deliver excellent performance, reliability, and scalability. OS images are also stored on Ceph and leverage copy-on-write technology for lightning fast boot times. Virtual machines on DreamCompute can be created and operational in as little as 40 seconds.

“We believe your cloud infrastructure shouldn't exist in a ‘black box,' said DreamCompute project lead, Justin Lund, “particularly in the world of open source. We made a conscious decision to provide users access to the OpenStack Compute, Networking, Image Service, Identity, and Block Storage APIs so that developers can use existing deployment tools to get their apps out there. We've gone to great lengths to document the very architecture of DreamCompute to be as transparent as possible with our users. We believe that when the cloud is open, everybody wins.”

DreamCompute was a years-in-the-making effort and DreamHost is proud to be able to finally swing its doors open wide as it spreads the power of the open cloud to a world that sorely needs it.

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