What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

As one of most popular content management software (CMS) in the world, WordPress is used by 28% of the top one million sites online. This is for good reasons, as WordPress is flexible, adaptable, extendable, and user friendly. You can use WordPress to run every kind of website imaginable, from a community organization to a wedding announcement site.

Out of the box, WordPress is great for SEO and with the use of over 50 thousand extensions (called plugins) and tens of thousands of themes, you can design your site to look however you want. All you need to do all this is a hosting plan.

While nearly any server can run WordPress, many hosting companies like DreamHost have put time and effort into customizing servers just for WordPress.

Instead of creating a general server that can do anything, services like DreamPress carefully build out servers that consider the way WordPress works. Special attention is paid to caching content, improving the speed and reliability of the features WordPress uses, and turning the performance of the database. In addition, most managed WordPress hosting services automatically apply updates of WordPress for you, so your site is as secure as can be.

All managed WordPress hosts will install WordPress for you, getting you up and running as fast as possible. Just sign up with their service and you’ll be ready to roll with your very own website.