Do I need Managed WP Hosting?

This is the big question. Do you need Managed WordPress Hosting? This can be exceptionally difficult to answer, and much of it is an ‘it depends’ answer.

The ultimate decision comes down to understanding what you need and want from your website, and understanding what those entail. It also helps to understand the differences of Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting, as well as your own limitations.

With that in mind, there are some guiding questions you can ask yourself to help make this decision.

  • Do you need more than WordPress? If you need additional software beyond WordPress and it’s myriad plugins and themes, then Managed WordPress Hosting won’t be a good fit.

  • Do you want server control? For those people who love being able to login as root and install server software, tweak configurations, and customize all the server features, Managed WordPress Hosting generally does not allow this. It’s managed after all.

  • Do you want built in caching? Managed WordPress Hosting comes with caching handled by the server, letting you minimize the number of plugins you need to make your site run fast. The plugins they do include have a minimal amount of configuration, letting you activate the plugin and walk away.

  • Do you need an affordable server admin? One of the big downsides to Shared and VPS hosting is that you have to be the server admin. If you need one that won’t break the bank, Managed WordPress Hosting plans have done the heavy server lifting for you, and will upgrade as needed, making sure it’s safe for WordPress.

  • What do you have more of: time or money? If your website is important to you, spending the money can be worth your while. While you could do everything yourself, it all comes down to time versus money. Managed WordPress Hosting will cost more, but save you time.