The finalists for our first-ever Dreamiest Websites of the Year are in!

We received so many gorgeous submissions, and while we wish we could shower all of you with love and prizes, we've gotta narrow it down to a few. Only you can help us ease our aching hearts… starting now!

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Please review the following websites for each category prior to casting your vote:

Dreamiest Homepage


Go get your pants

Lake Fun

Stephanie Cain

Woof Love

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Dreamiest User Interface

Empac Design

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Dreamiest Small Business Blog/Website

The Jeff Havens Company

Jennifer Emerling

Law Offices of Joshua Coffman

Resume Assassin

Uncovering Oklahoma

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Dreamiest eCommerce Site

Beyond Aero

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Dreamiest Personal Blog/Website

Andrew Southern

Austin Knight

Tom Slatin

Tracy Altheide


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One winner per category. Winners will receive a $100 gift card + a Customer Spotlight on our blog!
Voting ends December 23.