World Backup Day and Foolish Bunnies

Seldom have the stars aligned in my life so perfectly to help me make a point: back up your stuff NOW! I’ll refrain from pummeling you with [too many] catastrophic loss scenarios, stories about not so funny  practical jokes, and cute mammalian imagery, but drawing on the themes of the season is certainly helpful.

Hopping along, it’s just a really good idea to keep all of your treasured code, files, photos, videos and what not safe and sound.  Continuing down the trail.  Consider that the basket is DreamObjects, DreamHost’s very resilient public cloud storage service. In the basket is soft straw, think of our no-single-point-of-failure, open source Ceph object storage technology (well, it’s a lot more than object storage, but that’s the part we use for DreamObjects). And, you know what’s next… eggs/objects, the delicate bits of information about your business and your life that you have to keep carefully and safely. You don’t want to wake up on that one day of the year when you don’t know what to believe about your data, when you find out that you’re trapped in a tough spot.


So this is where DreamHost comes in. On this occasion of World Backup Day, DreamHost and its partners can ease the worry that something bad is sneaking up on you. First of all, we’re running a Super Offer on DreamObjects that locks in the absolute lowest price you’re going to find on cloud storage. Secondly, we’ve provided detailed information about how you can backup your goods. For instance, if you want to backup your website, check out our plugin for WordPress. For general backup, take a look at our how to’s for CloudBerry, GoodSync, or go with a free app such as duplicity which even does incremental backups.

Drilling down a bit as an example, let’s look at CloudBerry Backup, which btw, has extended its sweet and Special Promo for DreamObjects users. It’s a Windows program that automates encrypted and compressed data you want to put into the cloud. All you have to do is click our Start Now! button and login to your current DreamHost account or create a new one.  Download and install CloudBerry Backup Desktop or Server edition, configure it, and you will be able to create and see your buckets. It’s pretty straightforward and powerful.

Before I let you get on with your holiday plans for getting all of your essential data backed up, visiting large costume-wearing critters at the mall, and thereafter dodging lame practical jokes, I want to say thank you for being loyal DreamHost customers.  We are  working really hard to continue to add valuable services that help you create and prosper on the web, and have fun while doing it. I’ve certainly had fun tormenting you with my own personal brand of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Let’s face it, what else could drive someone to actually try to make all of these tangential holidays seem relevant in some meaningful way, particularly as it relates to cloud object storage?!


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