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World Backup Day 2016

World Backup Day
Written by Stefano Maffulli

“Oh well, I have a backup,” she said after finding out that her laptop’s disk died with the clicking noise. Little did she know, her husband overwrote her backup disk…

That’s the short version of a family drama I witnessed first hand: years of contacts stored in address books, work and family pictures, work documents, tax files… All wiped clean. Since then, that family implemented a full-on disaster recovery plan for their computers, and that involves using the cloud.

World Backup Day

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Every machine is connected to a family Network Attached Storage (NAS): Apple laptops take regular snapshots using Time Machine, while Linux boxes use Duplicity. Also, that family travels with portable USB disks all the time because you never know when your laptop’s drive will fail. Most importantly, the backups are duplicated on a remote location, because… fires, flooding, typhoons, burglars, earthquakes — you name it. Lesson learned: better safe than sorry.

World Backup Day is here to remind us that digital life makes it easy to keep multiple copies of your documents; it’s silly not to take advantage of such convenience. First, Mac OS Time Machine is extremely easy to setup. Most consumer NAS (like QNAP and Synology) can easily be configured to keep backups of any machine in the LAN. Synology NAS can be easily configured to duplicate the backups on DreamObjects and QNAP NAS is even more convenient with the free DreamObjecs app. So your data is in many places, automatically: on your working machines, on a NAS, and on the cloud where DreamObjects automatically keeps multiple copies for maximum availability.

Cloud backups on DreamObjects also can be done with software running on local machines or enterprise servers. Software like Retrospect , Cloudberry, Arq and more are compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux and provide an easy way to recover from disasters.

So you’ll never have to be the spouse who says, “Honey, we have no backup.”

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