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WordPress, DreamPress, and Shared Hosting

“If I can run WordPress on shared hosting, why would I ever want DreamPress?”

The question was posed to me at a WordCamp recently and it was a perfectly sensible thing to ask. Why would someone bother with this more expensive Managed WordPress Hosting when they’re perfectly happy with shared hosting? If you’re perfectly happy and your site is working – why change? Truth is, you shouldn’t!  If you’re happy, stay where you are.  But you can’t predict the future.

Websites aren’t a walk in the park, but your website’s usage patterns are more similar to parks than you might expect!  Parks have plenty of paved paths but then there’s always that one dirt path, clearly carved by thousands of feet making their own shortcut.

It’s human to carve our own paths in the world, and users do this on your website as well.  That’s why we created DreamPress.

One day your site will need more than just shared hosting, which is limited by its nature. You can’t know what your future is or what paths your visitors will choose to cut through your site.  For most of us that means we start with basic, entry level hosting: Shared hosting.

So what’s the deal with DreamPress? Allow me to mix metaphors. “With great power comes great responsibility.” When you get the power you need for that amazingly popular site, you get saddled with the work of maintaining it. You might even have to learn new, “servery”, things that you just don’t care about at all.

Me? I can’t fix my car, so I pay people to do it for me.  I just care about driving the darn thing.  When something goes weird, I take it in!

I don’t want to be the mechanic and the car expert and the driver. I just wanted a car that does what I need.  This is where DreamPress really shines. We will set you up with everything a site needs for WordPress to just sing.

We’ll set you up with a faster server, more memory and power, a built in cache that works with as many plugins and themes as possible, and even server-side caching. All these super features just work and you don’t have to give a click!

So why would you want DreamPress at all if you can just run WordPress anywhere?

Because you just want to write and make your site the best thing in the world!


About the author

Mika Epstein

A happy DreamHoster since 2012, Mika is one of the WordPress developers at DreamHost. When she's not making DreamPress better or practicing being the person you want with you for the zombie apocalypse, she's slashing bugs in the next version of WordPress.