What would you do?

What would you do?

The Power Question

That question is the one WorldBlu wants everyone to ask themselves every day.  They call it “The Power Question.” WorldBlu believes that the outdated, top-down style of leadership, which is the complete opposite of a freedom-centered style of leadership,  is fundamentally based on fear.  Fear of change, fear of failure, fear of looking foolish. There’s all kinds of ways it can manifest.  When you’ afraid,the easy route is to dig in and stick with what you know.  That gets in the way of innovative, creative thinking and makes it harder (or impossible) to adjust to your changing environment.

A group of us spent just a few weeks ago in Denver at WorldBlu Live, so this is still very fresh in my mind. While I was there, I heard about more innovative ways of running businesses and organizations. It’s a growing movement of people who are passionate about creating better places of work,  by throwing away the comfortable norms and challenging the status quo. At DreamHost, we believe the only way to provide amazing customer service is to create a place where people love their jobs. We focus on our internal community first and everything else emerges  from that.

But what does this have to do with hosting?

Our services give people all over the world the freedom to build their dreams online. Dreams can be scary things, and really big dreams can be downright terrifying. Following a dream isn’t easy; it takes courage and conviction to take that step. So, with that in mind, how can the power question apply to you– our customers?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Would you write a cook book? Open an elephant shelter? Live in France?

We can’t help you cook, take care of elephants, or speak French, but we can make it really easy to share your experiences with the world and form the nucleus of your own micro, online communities using free web software like WordPress, Joomla and phpBB.

Would you invent a new way to share recipes? Learn to code in Python? Start a rootbeer review site?

We can’t help you build your recipe site, learn Python syntax, or build your rootbeer site (but we would help you “test” rootbeers if you send them to us!), but we can provide you with a flexible and ready-to-go hosting platform to get you from code to deployed website super fast.

Our mission is to empower people with big ideas for the Internet to go for it and start building. We can’t make it easier to conquer your fears and go off the beaten path, but we can we can give you one less thing to worry about.


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