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The Writers Strike

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the last few weeks.. well, I’ve been nowhere. But at the same time, I have been somewhere… showing solidarity with my poor writing brothers!

Now, hopefully I can sneak this one little post in withoug being condemned as a “scab”… maybe if I do my best to make it bad. Which should be easy since I honestly have nothing to say. At least nothing hosting-related. But I do have one strike-related thing to say.

The Stock Market Strikes

A ton of good it does now, but I was this close to doing a post on Monday about how it seemed like it was top-of-the-bubble time, and everybody should GET OUT out of the market RIGHT THEN!

If I ruled the girls...

How did I know?

Have you seen Wired Magazine lately? The last issue was I believe 272 pages.

The best gauge of a tech market bubble is the thickness of Wired. And Wired ain’t been this heavy since March 2000. I remember around 2003 it was down to like eight pages.

Of course, now that I’ve told everybody, it will cease being a reliable predictor.

The second indicator is that, believe it or not, our daily signups are correlated to the stock market! It’s true! On days when the stock market goes way up, we get maybe 5-10% more signups than average, and on days when it’s way down, we get around 5-10% less!

If only our signups would predict the stock market rather than follow it. Hedge funds would be buying up web hosts left and right!

Nevertheless, any daily correlation is still very weird to me. Are there really people out there who are like “Oh crap, I lost $10,000 in Google today, I guess I’ll have to put off that $100 for a year of hosting until Friday.”?


Well, that’s it, I’m off to the picket lines. Who knows how long it will be until enough inspiration strikes again for me to break this fast. This fast… of words.

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