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The Aftermath

It seems like it’s about time for a follow-up on things from yesterday.

First, I just want to apologize for the regular-style blog post about it yesterday. Hopefully this will be the (picture, bold, and italics-free) blog post many of you would have liked to have seen yesterday.

The current status: we believe to have refunded everybody who was incorrectly billed at this point. This was pretty much finished yesterday at 3pm, but there were a few stragglers who we got today. If you were charged and haven’t seen the refund show up on your credit card / bank statement yet, try calling your bank. Lots of places take a day or two or three or even four to update their statements even if the money’s already back in, but they should see it (by tomorrow for sure) if you call them.

If this/these erroneous charge(s) by us resulted in you having any sort of overdraft/bounced check/nsf fee from your financial institution, please contact our support team from the web panel. We’d just like to request that you include a copy of your statement with the necessary info showing the fees. It can be either a paper statement or a print out of your online statement, or even a screenshot of your online statement and it can be scanned and attached to your support message via our support form or faxed to us at 714-990-2600. If you fax it, please be sure to write your domain name or DreamHost account number on the fax. When we get this, we will put money on your credit card equal to the amount your bank charged you, as well as give you a DreamHost account credit for the same amount on top of that.

Another thing… if you’ve decided because of this fiasco you’d like to cancel hosting with us, we will allow you to get a full credit card refund of any unused portion of your pre-paid contract, even if you’re past our standard 97 day money-back guarantee. To do so, just close your account as normal from our web panel (“Billing > Manage Account” area). Then, after it’s done, write into support and let them know you’d like to get your remaining account credit refunded to your credit card due to the billing snafu of January 15th and we’ll be happy to comply.

Checks to Protect Your Balances

Finally, here are the precautions we’ve now added to our billing system to make sure nothing like this happen ever again:

1. Our biller service will no longer accept a date in the future.
2. This whole time, we did have an option to specify “never automatically bill me more than $X in a day” on our web panel. Of course, not too many people had this set, and why would they have to? Nevertheless, we’ve made a change now that even if you don’t have a specific daily limit set our system will not allow billing you in one day more than 50% more than the most you’ve ever authorized in the past.
3. Our rebiller does an automatic filling-in of old charges when it finds some missing. This should never actually happen anyway, but we’ve added a new check that if it ever finds itself filling in more than 3 missing charges on any account it stops immediately and notifies our financial team.
4. We’ve also added an overall check where if the total number of payments in a day are more than double the average number of payments we’ve gotten on that calendar day for the last seven months it fails and notifies our financial team.

And that’s it.. I hope this puts things more or less behind us. And remember, if you have any specific issues, our support team is always there!

And of course, my sincere apologies for all of this.

Josh Jones

P.S. I apologize for that joke about the triple billing in the newsletter thing too, but you have to admit, it was kind of ironic that I actually did screw up billing less than a week later.

P.P.S. Some of you have attempted to email us directly with information about unresolved issues stemming from this billing fiasco and have received autoresponders telling you you can’t email us directly. That restriction was unintentional has now been removed so please re-send us your email if you have not already contacted us through other means.

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