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Nightmare Host 2009

Witch Doctor! Get it?

We had our annual Halloween party this Saturday, at the Beverly Wilshire hotel, famous from such movies as Pretty Woman, Beverly Hills Ninja, and Upscale Bangers 38.

Queen of FARTS more like it!

My neice had the same costume. I'm not sure what the red guy is.

Three people with their heads centered in the frame.

I could not figure out what they were supposed to be.

Two samoyeds.


Clearly, there were a lot of great costumes, none more betterer than the classic “Sunburned Surf Vampire”.

I did have a board. But I ate it.

Hideous monsters!

I wish I had a banana! And some wheat germ!

The fairy sheriff organizers!


Apparently, Andrea wasn't Dragon Ball Z like I kept calling her.

Not in costume.

Who invited the maid?!

Well, there was one more betterer. We had a costume contest, and Javier’s ended up getting second place:

Just like 7th grade.

And first.

It took him about 63 hours, 32 minutes to make.

NOBODY else got a single vote!

(Please turn head to left to watch video.)

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It had a cup holder!

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