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mod_pagespeed Now Available!

Yesterday Google announced a new Apache module, mod_pagespeed, whose only purpose is to get websites hosted on Apache web servers to load faster.

On average, Google found that sites that had mod_pagespeed enabled served websites up to 50% faster than their un-endowed brethren.

In short, mod_pagespeed has the potential to make your websites load twice as fast as they did before. And this is just the beginning. The whole project is open-source, so who knows what future enhancements and speed-uppers may be included in the future!

And while Google is still “working with GoDaddy” to roll this out across their entire customer base, today we’re announcing that DreamHost has enabled mod_pagespeed support for all DreamHost customers.

DreamHost Happy Hosting and VPS customers alike can partake in an immediate and nearly effortless speed upgrade with no technical knowledge required!

We’ve made mod_pagespeed an optional setting for every domain that you host with us, but please realize that it’s not enabled by default.

To “turn on” mod_pagespeed on your DreamHost account:

  • Visit the Manage Domains section of your web panel.
  • Locate any domain that’s being “Fully Hosted” in the “Web Hosting” column and click the “Edit” button beneath it.
  • Click the checkbox to enable “Page Speed Optimization“.
  • Click to submit your changes!

Within minutes your sites will be turbo charged and large-and-in-charged.

You’ll need to enable this setting on a per-domain basis. And don’t worry – your existing data is safe and won’t be wiped out when you “flip the switch”!

Give it a try and share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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