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Intern Blog Series – A Day in the Life

Hey everyone! It’s me again, your favorite marketing intern! It’s been about a month since my first blog post, so I thought I’d give y’all the experience of being me for a day — Monday to be specific, since that’s everyone’s favorite day.

7:00 am: After about five alarms, I finally get out of bed, make myself look presentable, and eat a five-minute breakfast consisting of cereal and fruit.

7:30 am: I make the commute from Irvine to Brea. By now, I completely despise the 5 (or I-5, for non-Californians) and am now a seasoned veteran of the left lane.

8:00 am: I roll into the almost completely dark office. Many DreamHosters here work odd hours and leave after I arrive, and they’re just not ready for the light yet!

8:30 am: After I make myself a cup of coffee, fire up Spotify, and wake up a bit, it’s time to get down to business! And by business I mean reading articles like this. Just kidding – sort of! I search through various websites to find articles, photos and other Internet things our social media followers might like. I then post said Internet things (and DreamHost news) on our social media pages.

9:30 am: I work on my social media project, which entails creating a proposal for a new social media strategy for the next quarter. That includes doing competitive analysis, creating a new, optimized posting schedule, and coming up with exciting new contests for you all! (I am open to any and all ideas on this, by the way!)

10:00 am: Marissa turns on the lights in the office. Like everyone else, I am temporarily blinded, but I soon recover and continue working on my project.

10:30 am: I do whatever else needs to be done, such as finding awesome customer sites for Customer Spotlights. This usually entails sifting through lots of NSFW and nonexistent websites to find rare gems like this one. (Spoiler alert?)

11:00 am: The social media team meets to discuss — you guessed it — social media. This requires looking through lots of interesting articles, which we all just hate doing so much!

An accurate depiction of our Marketing team.

12:00 pm: I post pictures of our lovely team and lovely office on DreamHost’s Instagram! This is the one place where my extensive filtering and hashtagging experience comes in handy. #Ishouldputthatonmyresume

12:30 pm: I leave the office and continue with my day.

Would you want to do my job for a day?

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