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.info .redo!

Thar be .info in them hills!

For some reason .info is the only TLD besides .com/net/org that we offer for registration (of course you can host any domain) at DreamHost.

They were just one of the first “new” TLDs I suppose. Back before we got burnt out on them all.

Of course, there were a few people who got burnt by .info domains themselves… by the .info sunrise period, more specifically. The .info registry themselves!

I just got an email this morning that Afilias (the .info registry) will be reallocating a bunch of .info domains (see the end of this post for the full list) that were somehow “incorrectly” registered during their sunrise period many years ago.

I don’t know what comprises “incorrectly” .. maybe they just mean “squattedly” but the upshot is you can now submit an application to get one or more of the domains by filling out this form and emailing it as a PDF as well as mailing a paper copy with a check for $250 to

Attn: Sunrise Reallocation RFP
Afilias Limited
c/o Afilias USA, Inc.
300 Welsh Road, Bldg 3, Ste. 105
Horsham, PA 19044

by December 22nd.

You’ve got to put on the application why want the domain(s) you’re going after, and I guess they’re just going to pick whomever is most “deserving”. Or their cousin.

I just thought this was kind of interesting because Afilias is opening themselves up to a whole lotta sour grapes from all the cyber squatters who don’t get the domains they wanted. And in the end all that changes is Afilias makes a lot of $250 application fees and new and different cyber squatters get the domains!

The only way I can think of to make this fair is to just randomly assign the domains among all applications. Or, if they really want to hold editorial control over who gets them, the criteria should be that the requester already be running an active website on a similar domain, that they then agree to relinquish over to Afilias in return for the .info domain they will start using in its stead.

Then I could swap for!

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