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How DreamHost’s Customer Experience Team is Working to Make Your Lives Easier

Hello everybody! I’m John and I help manage the relatively new “Customer Experience” team here at DreamHost. I’ve been at DreamHost for over 13 years in total and the vast majority of that time has been spent interacting with our customers. When the opportunity arose to help build a new team that is focused on making customers happy, I was really excited!

We already have an amazing Tech Support Team so you are probably wondering, “How does The Customer Experience Team differ from Tech Support?”

Well, that is what I am here to talk about today!

We both work to identify issues that are important for customers, both in terms of bugs or design improvements, and we’re happy to help out when a particular issue needs a little extra time and attention.

That said, we do handle some things a bit differently. While our brethren are masters of technical knowledge, we’ve been able to lighten the load on them by taking over account approvals and sales messages, in addition to other less technical tasks

We’re also involved in some outreach programs! You may have talked to one or more of us on the phone. We’ve been calling customers who are near the end of the two-month grace period, who are close to having their accounts suspended, as well as notifying customers about the recent data center migration. We’ve also lent a hand in other situations where it was best to pick up a phone and make sure we’ve connected with a group of customers (such as the aforementioned migration project).

Here are some other ways our team is working to help DreamHost customers:

  • One of our team members has just begun a project to help customers who are outgrowing shared hosting find the right level of service for their current needs.
  • We have another team member talking to customers who have recently signed up to check-in and find out how their experience has been so far.
  • We even thought it would be fun to call up the folks who had issued the most support tickets over the last month to make sure everything was going OK. It turns out that they really like us and were just getting some extra help from our support team!

While that covers most of our day-to-day, we also get to help other teams with larger projects that will make life better for you guys! For example, we’re developing an improved status page and streamlining the way we gather and implement customer suggestions. We’ve even had a hand in adding features to our hosting product like as CloudFlare and some other exciting things that I can’t mention just yet!

I think the best part of the last year, though, was getting the opportunity to meet many of you at our Reach Out and Touch You tour stops across America!  Not only was it fascinating to hear all of the different ways in which people use our services, but just getting to make personal connections was really fantastic. I talked to long-time customers who absolutely love our support and some folks who had just barely signed up and were learning to create their first site with WordPress! And, of course, some people were just plain fun to hang out with (shout out to Brian in NY/NJ – you and your friends made a lasting impression). I can’t wait to see what this year’s events have in store. That, and working with awesome and talented friends, is what gets me excited to come to work every day and see what we can do to make our service a great experience!

About the author


John Robison joined DreamHost when Christina Aguilera’s “What a Girl Wants” was topping the charts. He’s worn many hats during his tenure, ranging from tech support to business development to customer experience. He currently heads up the DreamPress team.