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Written by Stefano Maffulli

Here’s your chance to show off your cloud knowledge: share a tutorial on how you run applications on DreamHost Cloud and get your monthly bill down! Chances are your bill will go to $0… Sweet deal!

The DreamHost Cloud team is launching the “Cloud Documentation Bounty”, a program in which cloud users can submit documentation to the Cloud Knowledge Base and get free cloud resources in return. You can write an article on how to do a task with DreamHost DreamCompute or DreamObjects, and get up to $100 credit for your effort.

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Doesn’t that sound great? The Cloud team keeps all its tutorials and documents in a convenient git repository on; new articles written in Sphinx/ReStructured Text format can be easily pushed as Pull Requests to that repository. We’ll review the articles submitted, and once the PR merges your Cloud bill will be lowered by $100. The article will quickly be published in the Knowledge Base automatically by an automatic job (we love our Jenkins builder).

What kinds of articles fit in our knowledge base? Good question, glad you asked! We’re looking for articles that teach how to use DreamHost Cloud and OpenStack in creative and efficient ways; for example, launching a noSQL service with Ansible, running a self-hosted server, or how you use DreamObjects to store your backups and other files. Check the existing documents for cloud servers and object storage to get a feel for our knowledge base.

We are really excited to launch this program and hope to see your pull request on our github repository. Do you have more questions? Check the rules of the Cloud Documentation Bounty Program and start writing to get free cloud resources.

PS. You don’t have to necessarily use github: send us your articles via email or hand-written and it’ll be just fine.

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Stefano Maffulli

Stefano is the Director of Community at DreamHost.