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DreamHost Wins PCMag Award for Best Web Hosting!

That’s right, DreamHost is the 2014 winner of PCMag’s Business Choice Award for best hosting service.  BOOM!!!

Many people think awards are usually given to the company that advertises the most with a website, but not in this case.  To be honest, we didn’t know we’d even won this award until after PCMag posted it on their site.  After we popped open the champagne bottles, the question was asked, “how did we even win this!?”  We then decided to reach out to PCMag so they could explain how winners were determined.

Every year PCMag sends out a survey asking thousands of their business readers to rate their overall satisfaction with the products and services they use and how likely they are to recommend them.  Among all the hosting companies in the survey (and there are some notable companies mentioned) DreamHost was the winner based on overall satisfaction with a score of 8.6 out of 10.

When we asked for a detailed breakdown, PCMag told us that our reliability score was an 8.6 and our “likelihood to recommend” score was 8.8.  Our likelihood to recommend score was used  to calculate our Net Promoter Score of 52.  As one of the last few independent hosting companies, we’d like to thank The Academy, namely PCMag and its readers for acknowledging us.

We’d also like to thank our employees for making this possible (sniff, sniff) – you guys make DreamHost so awesome!

And we’d of course like to thank our customers – we thank you for your loyalty and for the opportunity to host so many of your sites.  Without you, there simply would be no DreamHost.

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Mark Medina

Mark Medina is the Product Director of Domain Names at DreamHost.


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