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DreamHost Newsletter – February 2014

February’s nearly at an end, so take my hand as we march forth…toward

March fourth!

I’ve really got nothing to say about March.

Maybe you do!

You got anything cookin’?  Any big deals going down?  Anyone you know getting married?  Divorced?  Born?  Imprisoned?

Tweet your thoughts about March, or anything happening in your world during March, with the hashtag #DreamHostMarch and maybe we can all work together to crowdsource March’s newsletter intro!

Ha ha!  Less work for me!  Yes, this is a brilliant plan.




Simon Says… (Written by CEO Simon Anderson!)


Brevity is the mother of misunderstanding, so if you don’t get Brett’s intro, maybe that’s why. Or maybe he’s just (as the snowman said to Kristoff) cray-zee.

But it does mean I get more space to share!

Here’s some things to check out in the Panel if you haven’t ventured there in a while:

Our cloud storage service DreamObjects is proving super useful for backing up your stuff, with the freedom to set it and forget it with your software of choice here:


New top level domains are available now, with .guru leading the popularity contest, and .photography not far behind; get a piece of the new Internet real estate at great prices here:


DreamPress is now used by over 2,500 customers to power their high traffic blog or web site, so if you’re looking for a supercharged WordPress offering at under $20 a month, get into the bobsled and on the fast track here:


Speaking of the Winter Olympics, I watched the cross country skiing (being an avid XC skier in my youth) and discovered that only 1% of the US population does the sport. At first I felt kind of disappointed, thinking I’d spent my teenage years pursuing something that was only appreciated by a relatively small group.

But then I remembered the unique joy and value in pursuing something niche and personal, just like many of you do every day with your blogs, web sites and applications. Even if our goal is to go big, there’s a special feeling when you do it different to others.

I hope you find that we can help you dream different, too.





YubiYou?  YubiMe?  YubiKey!


Multifactor authentication!  You know it.  You love it.  Or maybe you’re just not sure what it is…

Yes.  My stellar cold reading skills combined with the look on your face tell me that at least one of those things is true.

We give you the ability to lock down your DreamHost account to the point where you’ll need TWO passwords to login.  This approach lets you combine a password that KNOW in your brain with a constantly-changing password located on something that you HAVE on your person.


That thing that you have?  It’s a smartphone.  Install the right app and it’ll display the correct password-of-the-moment whenever you need to login to your DreamHost control panel.  That password is *constantly* changing – every thirty seconds, in fact!

Password in your head, phone in your pocket.  Multi-factor.  Easy!

“But wait!” you say.  “I refuse to own a smartphone!  The NSA has their fingers in everything and I will not play in the US Government’s filthy reindeer games!”

To which I reply, look Unabomber, I’ve seen the NSA’s file on you, and cell phone tracking is the least of your worries.  The LEAST.

Be that as it may, we’ve just rolled out a new way for you to identify yourself, multi-factorilly to your DreamHost account, WITHOUT a smartphone.

It’s called the YubiKey.  From Yubico!

The YubiKey is actually a family of USB dongles whose sole purpose for existing is to help you login to sites securely!

YubiKeys identify themselves to the host OS as a standard USB keyboard, so no special drivers are required.  Just plug in and go!

When it comes time to login to your DreamHost account, simply provide your known account password and then press YubiKey’s one-and-only hardware button.  It’ll “type” your current second password for you, and you’ll be logged in immediately!

There are several different versions of the YubiKey hardware available, and ALL of them will work with our implementation of multifactor authentication.

What happens if you lose one?  Not a whole lot!  Remember, the YubiKey provides just one of two passwords.  Unless someone is able to scoop out the part of your brain that contains your other password, your DreamHost account is SAFE!

If you’d prefer to start using (or continue to use) the free Google Authenticator to secure your DreamHost account with a smartphone, you’re more than welcome to do that, too!  Either/Or! Remember, you can always enable, disable, or modify your current multifactor authentication settings on your account control panel:

Lock it down!  I mean lock it up!  Or…  hang on.

Lock it…  hmmm…

Just make sure it’s locked.


New TLDs!  They Just.  Keep.  Coming.


New Top Level Domains continue their march onward to tackle the .com behemoth!  What they may lack in quality they certainly make up for in quantity, with over ONE HUNDRED new TLDs planned for release in 2014!

If you’ve ever wanted to lay claim to a domain that ends in .diamonds, .kitchen, .photography, or any number of other domain-name-ender things, now’s your chance!

A domain ending in .sexy or .tattoo could be yours – TODAY!

Even if the TLD you want isn’t yet available for registration, you can sign up to be notified when it *is*, maybe even pre-register a few, and begin immediately living a life free of .com’s domineering presence.

Seriously, .com, you’re not my dad!  Stop acting like you are!

To register your interest in any new TLDs slated for launch in 2014 and beyond, simply visit the “New TLDs” section of your DreamHost control panel:



DreamHost WTF: Affiliate Program!


What’s That Feature?  It’s the DreamHost affiliate program!

Did you realize that we’ll pay you a cool $97 for each new customer that you send to DreamHost?

Did you also know that we will pay you a slightly-less-cool, but still pretty cool $5 for each new customer that THEY send to DreamHost?

And did you know that simply by being a DreamHost customer you’re *already enrolled* in our affiliate program?

All of these things are true!

You can find linking directions and a few sample banners (or just make your own – we’re not picky!) on our affiliate page at:

Once you’ve got a few referrals under your belt you can apply your earnings to your DreamHost account (if you’ve got a balance due) or just cash-out on your web panel at…

We’re all adults here.  Let’s help each other out.


DreamHost Sites of The Month


The DreamHost Site Of The Month is a coveted title reserved for a select few DreamHost customers who really put the rest of us to shame with their incredible design skills, business ideas, content generation prowess, or rare abilities to tap into the Internet’s ongoing fascination with cat pictures.

As voted by YOU, the winners from JANUARY are as follows…

The winner in the DESIGN category is:

3rd Street Marketing

“3rd Street helps you make sense of the shifting media and marketing landscapes…but we also stick to proven advertising and marketing methods that withstand the test of time.”

When I move my mouse wheel your site scrolls up, down, sideways…pretty much all the ways!  And it looks nice!


The winner in the CONTENT, STRUCTURE, ORIGINALITY, and OVERALL categories is:

About Pug

“Everything pug: pug pictures, pug stories, pug games.”

Wow!  Much pugs!  Very pictures.  So style.

Remember, you can always click through to the “DreamHost Site Of The Month” section of your account control panel at any time to submit your own site(s), vote on candidates, and view all winners past and present.



See ya next month!

Brett D!




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