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DreamCon Speaker Series #6: Ralph Castro

Curious about what DreamHost looked like back in the old days? Well than you might just want to stop by my DreamCon Session!  Let me take you on a journey through the  history of DreamHost customer service and technical support growth!  I will discuss everything from the Wild West days of 3 support members to our current technical support team, which includes social support and our anti-abuse department.  I will also discuss the change of how we work as we integrated our first CEO.

It has been a long, fun, and strange trip of learning about the hosting business works.  This is a learning experience that many start ups have gone through, and I am excited to share our story with you!  Hope to see you there!

What do you do at DreamHost?

I am the Vice President of Technical Support

What projects do you work on? What do you do on a regular basis?

I oversee and guide all decisions that lead to improving the customer support experience.

What’s one interesting fact we don’t know about you?

I love music and love to sing and dance.  I love sports and coach youth football.

What shows are on your DVR?

On my DVR is Game of Thrones; I have been a fan of the series from the beginning.  I have had to wait for every book to be released, which if you’ve had to wait for a George R.R. Martin book you know you’ll be waiting.  But the pay off has always been amazing and I’m happy for his success with the series.  It’s fun to watch the characters come to life on the show as well.

What’s your go-to cocktail?

Actually it’s beer and it is any IPA, I love them.

What Pandora station is you listening to these days?

I don’t listen to Pandora, but I credit it for helping me find my favorite band a while ago.  Muse!  Good stuff!

About the author

Ralph Castro

Ralph Castro is the Vice President of Product for Remixer at DreamHost.