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DreamCon Speaker Series #15: Dallas Kashuba

DreamCon Speaker Series #15:

Dallas Kashuba

I have a unique perspective on things here at DreamHost. I’ve been around since the beginning and I’ve been at least partially involved in every major decision we’ve made. I’ve also done some work on most of our current production products and back-end over the years.  So, I’m part historian, part grandpa, part cheerleader, part ambassador, and part trouble-maker.


During DreamCon, I’ll revisit some of that history. For instance, did you know that we didn’t start out to build a hosting company? Our first product wasn’t DreamHost at all. It was actually DreamBook, the world’s most customizable and awesome guest book service. If you remember GeoCities, you may know what I’m talking about. (It’s ancient in Internet time.)

Since day one, the team tried to help people connect with each other on the web, and that vision has influenced everything we’ve done since. Hosting is about more than servers, cables and network for us.

Those early days of the web were amazing; there was an almost tangible feeling that the possibilities were endless and anything could happen. The web has grown up a bit since then, just like the rest of us, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. The next great Internet idea is always around the corner, and at DreamHost we want to help you build it. We’re here to help you make a place on the web that is you, is where you want to be, and looks like your dreams.

Ok… So, what do you actually do?

Lately I’ve been spending part of my time helping shape and guide some new products. I’ve worked with the development teams directly on both DreamPress and our partnership with StopTheHacker, and I’ve got another one cooking right now too. I also work with our team on developing the overall product strategy and vision for DreamHost. We try to answer the all-important questions, “What should we work on?” and, “When should we work on it?”

Little Known Fact

I’ve never lived in any house for more than five years. I grew up as an Air Force kid; my family moved every three to four years throughout my childhood. I’ve lived in Florida, Italy, England, North Dakota, and have now been in California for almost 20 years. I don’t move between cities or states often now, but I’ve continued to move houses on a regular basis. I also have trouble answering small talk questions like, “Where are you from?” and “Where did you grow up?” (So, come up at DreamCon and ask me!)

A few more tidbits

I listen to Rdio most days and love to find new music. I listen to a wide variety, but lately I’ve been on a punk rock kick with bands like Anti-Flag, Strike Anywhere, Whatever It Takes, No Trigger, The Unseen, and The Casualties. Every week, I try to listen to a a few albums I’ve never heard before.

My most used iPhone and iPad apps (aside from email) are the Kindle app, Comics, and Marvel Unlimited. I always have some book I’m reading, and I’ve also been spending a lot of time reading digital comics from Marvel and others.

My next vacation will be to Legoland near San Diego. My son and I both love Legos.


This inaugural DreamCon is super exciting for me and I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone who attends. The learning opportunities are going to be great, with the sessions we have lined up. We also learn so much from chatting with our customers and learning about what you do, what you’re trying to do, and how we can help you build your dreams. See you there!

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