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Don’t Dream It’s Over

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I am very thankful today. It is 4 years and 5 months to the day since I joined DreamHost as CEO. And it has been an inspiring, fulfilling, collaborative, enduring adventure with the founders and team.

Today is my last day as CEO, but it is not anywhere near the end of “the Dream” for DreamHost, or me. When people strive together on something good and important, the residue of that “go-for-it”, spirited intent and action remains in each of us; and in the communities we have built together.

Michael, Dallas, Sage and Josh founded DreamHost with a vision to empower early developers on the Web to easily build web sites and applications, learn the latest programming languages and web frameworks, and express themselves. That vision endures to this day.

The DreamHost team has accomplished a lot to be proud of in the last 4 years. Together we have built useful and accessible cloud services like DreamPress, DreamCompute, and DreamObjects – all with Open Source software that we contribute to and support. We have retooled our data centers and operations to deliver “four nines plus” reliability for our customers on our platforms, and provide an amazing and fun place to work. We have tested and implemented new hardware to max out performance of our servers, network and storage. And above all we have been 100% committed to delivering a better customer experience every day, whether through our UX, technical support team, or in-person at our customer events around the U.S. and the world.

I am most thankful for and proud of each and every one of the DreamHost team, who have given their all for each other – and for our community of customers. This is a company of friends as much as co-workers, where we care about each other, learn together, and grow from every success or failure. This is the uniquely fulfilling work environment that I think we all look for deep down.

I am onto my next (ad)venture, and I look forward to seeking out and finding it again.

And now my watch is ended.

About the Author:

Former CEO of DreamHost, where we imagine the Web, your way.


  1. Dreamhost gets better and better, so you must have been doing something right 😉

    Who’s going to control Brett now?

    Thank you and Good Luck.

    Proud customer since 199x

  2. Sad to see you go Simon. You and Brett are the face of the company for us ordinary, average joes.

    Take care and best of luck with wherever life takes you.


  3. Thanks to you, Simon, and your team for wrapping your boxes and pipes, that are a lot like any other host’s boxes and pipes, with a first-class human package! I came here after a sudden, tragic end to a beautiful five-year relationship with my ex-host and am very glad I stumbled across Dreamhost after so many years of not looking.

    I’d like to ramble on about how great your team is to work with, but after an unexpectedly uneventful start that included a proactive new-customer welcome letter and inquiry about how it was going, and two one-and-done questions that lead to me to find out how ridiculously easy it is for me to change my own PHP version and to create a pre-launch test URL, I haven’t needed to ask them a thing.

    I migrated my site with a bit of wizardly MySQL insight from the iThemes BackupBuddy crew and am happily back in front of, among others, the cast, crew, parents and fans of our daughters’ high school stage company, to see and share their recent smash success with the Tony Award-winning “The Drowsy Chaperone”. Those young people give four-plus nines to their acting and stagecraft and I owe them the same support when it’s time for them to promote what they do with photos at

    I look forward to an equally smashing success in the coming years with Dreamhost. I wish you fair winds and following seas as you sail toward your next big (ad)venture.


  4. For whatever reason, Van Halen’s «The Dream is Over» played in my head as I read your good-byes (very innapropriate, brains).

    Good bye, Simon. And thanks for all the fish.

  5. Farewell, Simon. While I have loved DreamHost since I joined in the early 2000s, you really led it to greatness. My biggest fear is that one day I’ll wake up to read that DreamHost has been sold to some dastardly corporation like I shudder even when I think it. Thanks, again, Simon.

  6. I’m sorry to see you go but wish you the best of luck in whatever comes next. The newsletter won’t be the same without a Simon Says section.
    – Happy customer for the past 15 years!

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