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Brettcoin is the future of currency!

Brettcoin is a peer-to-peer virtual currency that is generated from electrons – “something from nothing” as we say in the money biz! Brettcoin is a testament to the power of the Internet.

Brettcoin can be used to easily fund things like puppy mills, Scientology, terrorism, and “drugs”.

You can’t yet use Brettcoin to buy food, gas, clothing, or other so-called “goods and services,” but trust me – that day is coming!  Once the world wakes up and recognizes the incredible potential of Brettcoin and the immediate improvement to quality of life that only peer-to-peer Bretts can deliver, you’ll have made your first million Brettcoins by virtue of being an early adopter!

Soon you’ll be able to buy and sell houses with Brettcoin!

Because Brettcoin is not issued from a central banking authority, you can rest assured that all Brettcoin transactions are safe, secure, and extremely awesome.

Brettcoin is virtual, which means its value is *virtually* unlimited!

Brettcoin is totally a real thing.

Brettcoin is not some fake thing.

Any negativity surrounding Brettcoin that you may have seen is just FUD put out there by Brettcoin speculators OR people representing “Big Money” who just don’t get it!

The exchange rate varies, but just doing a quick calculation here it looks like 1 Brettcoin is currently valued at exactly $50,000 US Dollars.

Currently the only way to obtain Brettcoin is to go through a Brettcoin exchange – a service that will exchange your real money for totally legit Brettcoin funds.

DreamHost just so happens to be running a Brettcoin exchange ourselves! To get your hands on some of that hot, sweet Brettcoin, send a check or money order to:

attn: Brettcoin Department
PMB #257
417 Associated Rd.
Brea, CA 92818

When payment is received you will receive an email containing a virtual token equal to the value of your newly-acquired Brettcoin.  Keep it safe!  If you lose that token there is no way to recover your lost Brettcoins.  Sorry.

Thanks in advance for your support of disruptive, totally not fake, revolutionary monetary systems!


Simon Says…

(Written by CEO Simon Anderson!)

I’m mad. Really mad. Not like *hatter* mad, but cranky about any company or entity that unfairly tries to take advantage of systems and laws for
their own slightly devious, one-sided benefit. I think we’ve seen quite a bit of this kind of thing lately, and rather than sit back and let others try and fix the system, we continuously do our best to step up and be a part of the solution.

To that end DreamHost has been actively engaged over the summer in the debate and advocacy around the balance between national security, privacy, and related rights that we like to think we enjoy in a modern, open, world. We’ve worked with the Center for Democracy & Technology in D.C. as well as the Fight for the Future Coalition to advocate for more
transparency on government data gathering programs. History tells us that unbounded secrecy breeds abuse and unintended consequences that we all pay for later. It’s wrong-headed to think that we can’t figure out the right balance – with appropriate checks and balances – together. This *is* the 21st century after all, and last time I looked, people of the world are solving amazing science, math, travel, energy and medical problems at an astounding rate. So we can solve for this little mind-bender too.

On another front, we’ve taken a stand against patent trolls (who add zero value to the global economy, except for lawyers and shadowy offshore shell companies) by joining the Open Invention Network. You can read more about that below, or jump straight to the deeply serious press release:

So I ask you, what have you done over the summer to stand up for what you think is right? We’ve started a forum thread here so you can shout out your mad passion:

See you in September!


(Now back to Brett!)

DreamCon Happened!

DreamCon, our first ever DreamHost user conference, just wrapped up!


I thought now would be a great time to share photos of DreamCon to both shower you with guilt for not coming AND get you excited about DreamCon in 2014!

We’ve just thrown a giant bundle of photos from this year’s DreamCon up on Flickr!

Welcoming reception in the DreamHost Los Angeles Office:

First full day of sessions:

Evening reception at SPiN Los Angeles:

Second day of sessions:

The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, AND WordPress’ own Matt Mullenweg were both at DreamCon to help us kick things off right.

So many of you showed up to DreamCon and gave us such great feedback that we’re seriously considering doing it again – bigger, better, and dreamier in 2014!

Thanks again to all our sponsors: eNom, Inktank, WordPress, Juniper Networks, CloudFlare, Dell, and AMD!


It’s Our Sweet 16!

Time flies.

September 22nd marks SIXTEEN years since “dreamhost.com” was first registered.  SIXTEEN!

This only happens once in every girl’s life, and we want to make it SPECIAL!

We’ll be doing some very special things starting on September 7th counting all the way down 16 days ’till the 22nd.

I wouldn’t want to GIVE THINGS AWAY by revealing too much right now, but keep your eyes on www.dreamhost.com September 7th to see what exactly we’ve got in store…


DreamHost Joins OIN!

Patent trolls are everywhere.


They stifle innovation and bankrupt small businesses.  That’s not just our opinion, that’s an actual fact.

We’re fighting the good fight here, friends.  As part of our commitment to an open and free Internet, we’ve just become a licensee of the “Open Invention Network”!

“OIN” is a company that acquires patents and licenses them royalty-free to anyone who agrees not to assert their own patents against Linux and Linux-related systems and applications.

All the bloody details of this new arrangement are listed in our press release, in case you missed it.  And I do mean bloody…


Yay freedom!


DreamObjects: Web Uploads Enabled!

DreamObjects is, of course, our scalable, reliable, incredibly affordable object storage service; API-compatible with both Amazon’s S3 and OpenStack’s Swift:

Up until recently you’ve had to use one of any number of well-designed third-party applications to upload your data into its waiting buckets.


We’ve just added web-based uploading to DreamObjects!  It’s a super convenient way to upload data to your buckets whether you’re on a friend’s computer or at your parents’ house doing tech support.


It couldn’t be easier!  Drag, drop, and plop!

That’s the sound of your data hitting the bucket, not a poop joke.


Although I’ve got plenty of those if you’re interested.


DreamHost WTF: DreamObjects Connection

What’s that feature?  It’s “DreamObjects Connection!”

You know WordPress, right?  It’s only the best web-based content management system ever devised.  We love it so much we even created DreamPress, a WordPress-optimized hosting platform designed to deliver the BEST WordPress experience that DreamHost has to offer:


“DreamObjects Connection” is a WordPress plugin created by DreamHost’s own Mika Epstein (@ipstenu on Twitter)!


“DOC” was created to help you backup the contents of any WordPress site (both your database and your “wp-content” folder) on a regular basis, wherever it may be hosted, TO a DreamObjects bucket.

It’ll even let you upload files to any of your DreamObjects buckets!

It’s like WordPress and DreamObjects had a baby – a beautiful baby with hooks for hands and stainless steel API calls.

It’s just so…beautiful!  I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  I told myself I wouldn’t get emotional, but here I go.

Give me a second.

Okay.  Phew.


DHSOTMs ( aka DreamHost Site of the Month)

The DreamHost Site Of The Month is a coveted title reserved for a select few DreamHost customers who have proven themselves to be excellent content creators and/or masters of gaming the voting system.  Either way, they’ve earned some recognition!

As voted by YOU, the winner from JULY in the OVERALL, CONTENT, DESIGN, STRUCTURE, and ORIGINALITY categories (a CLEAN SWEEP!) is:

Free Classic Movies
“The largest privately owned web site in the world, sharing the history of motion pictures one story at a time.”

Vintage movies, one click away!  Nice.

Remember, you can always click through to the DreamHost Site Of The Month section of your account control panel at any time to submit your site, vote on candidates, and view all winners past and present. (Winners appear in bold.)

Nice work, dude!


See ya next month!
Brett D!

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