7 Tools to Increase Traffic Within Your Site

There are many creative ways to generate traffic to your website. However, don’t you think it’s ineffective if readers leave right after browsing that single page?

There are seven tools that I found that are amazing when it comes to perpetuating existing traffic. Before we begin, let me clarify the two types of traffic.

  • Internal Traffic – visitors perusing various pages within your site
  • External Traffic – visitors entering your website from an outside source (e.g., social media)

The plugins listed below are designed for WordPress because it is the most popular content management system, but there are equivalent tools for other platforms.

Internal Traffic Plugins

Encouraging visitors to peruse other pages within your website has multiple benefits. It goes without saying that the more someone browses within your website, the more exposure he or she will have to your work. An overlooked reason is a reduced bounce rate.

When a visitor enters your site and leaves shortly after (without clicking around), that is considered a bounce. When there is a high bounce rate, Google will deem that the information on your site is not relevant to what people are searching. As a result, Google could potentially remove your website from that search term, thus affecting your search engine optimization (SEO).


LinkWithin is a plugin that creates thumbnails under each post. The only setback is that it uses javascript to create dynamic links, which doesn’t help you with SEO.

link within plugin

Efficient Related Posts

Efficient Related Posts creates a list of links below each blog post. This is the one I use (despite not having thumbnails) because it creates hardcoded permalinks, which are good for SEO.

efficient related posts plugin

External Traffic Plugins

Below are tools that are great when connecting with other platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Plus, making your site to be more social allows for more conversation and engagement.

Facebook Comments for WordPress

Facebook Comments for WordPress allows people to leave comments, Like, or post something to their Walls. Since most people are part of this giant platform, it’s easier to leave a comment (since they’re usually already logged in) rather than having to fill out their names, emails, websites and etc.

facebook comments plugin


Shareaholic is a bit of a hybrid. It has all types of goodies.

The plugin has its basic social media share buttons. It also has a hovering top bar, which sticks to the top of the webpage no matter where a reader is browsing. Lastly, it has a related posts section similar to LinkWithin.

shareaholics plugin

An alternative to Shareaholic is AddThis.


Wibiya is a plugin that puts a static bar that sticks to the bottom of your website. You can customize welcome messages and social media channels to use.

wibiya bar

Hello Bar (premium)

Hello Bar is another static bar, which hovers at the top of a webpage. Hello Bar lets you customize important messages you want people to see.

An alternative is Foo Bar (premium).

foobar plugin

Tofurious Pinterest (free)

Pinterest is the hottest new social media platform that has proven to drive more traffic than many other mediums. Users pin photos onto digital boards, which link back to your website.

However, most Pinterest plugins only put a Pin It button at the bottom of the post, which makes it more difficult to use. As a result, I created the only plugin that adds a Pin It button that hovers under each photo, so that people won’t have to search through a gallery of thumbnails.

pinterest plugin

There are countless more cool plugins (free and premium) that do a wonderful job. Are there ones that you like that I didn’t mention? Comment below.


Lawrence Chan

This is a guest post by Lawrence Chan ,  a marketing strategist for smart photographers.

While he authors a blog, the ultimate pricing and SEO e-books, and a real book, unlike tofu, he sometimes wishes he could figuratively eat a book. His propensity for eating and reading, sometimes reading about eating, has been a wonderful precursor for ideas in marketing.  He so happens to be a photographer.  Market smartly.


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