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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with Tech Support

“It’s DOWN! MAKE IT NOT BE DOWN.” Have you ever uttered (ok, screamed) these words? Sure, you have. We understand.

It’s the worst thing in the world; your site, your livelihood, is down. All you see is a blinking cursor, telling you that some incomprehensible command is failing to execute due to an unexpected character in some line.

Like this, but much, much worse.

Like this, but much, much worse.

So, you go to your trusty DreamHost panel, fire up “Contact Support” and wade through the options to submit a help request. And you get to the last page,the page where we ask you to explain what’s wrong.

1. DO…tell us what you see. If it says “403 Forbidden,” that gets us started on the road to fixing it.

2. DO…let us know if you did (or didn’t) do anything recently. If this happened after you updated a plugin or installed a new theme, undoing that may be the first step to getting you back in action!

3. DON’T…panic. Or, at least, try not to panic. If it’s any consolation, it’s vanishingly rare that I see something that makes me stop and say, “Wow, I’ve NEVER seen that before.” Chances are, we’ve got a good idea what’s up from your info.

4. DO…let us know which site you’re looking at! Believe it or not, people often send vague messages, and we have to play detective to find out which site has the issue!

5. DO… tell us *what* is wrong. Sometimes, the site looks fine to us –we don’t know that you just did a major overhaul and somehow it’s reverted to your old content.

We know this feeling. We've all been there.

We know this feeling. We’ve all been there.

For example, here’s a perfectly useful email that still let’s you be you:

Dear DreamHost:


My site,, is broken!!! I went in to update a plugin and now all the content shows up, but it doesn’t have any formatting, and it isn’t letting me load any other links.

I’ve installed WordPress and it’s up to date, what happened, HELLLLLLLLP!



This tells us:

• You’re running WordPress, and you keep it updated (thank you!)

• You recently made a change that shouldn’t have resulted in this unfortunate outcome

• The site may be loading content, but it is not correct, and needs some help

It’s possible that the issue is outside the scope of our support. For example, a faulty WordPress plugin update isn’t something we can troubleshoot for you).But we can help you get back on track!

DreamHost tech support is made up of people who honestly want to get you back up and running, and have fun solving weird problems. Feel free to mind-meld with us and suck our knowledge for your needs– that’s what makes us so valuable!


Just like in a video game, but we don't drop gold coins, we drop KNOWLEDGE

Just like in a video game, but we don’t drop gold coins, we drop KNOWLEDGE

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