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Hot off the presses! DreamHost just announced an upgraded version of its beta DreamCompute public cloud computing service, and significant new levels of OpenStack code and community contribution.

Hold the press! You may be thinking, that’s great, but what does it mean and how does it benefit me? To all the awesome DreamHost developer customers out there, you probably mostly get it. To the mainstream DreamHost web hosting customer, however, it’s likely less clear. That’s why we’re here to clarify the value.

For Developers

Under the hood, DreamCompute is entirely software-defined; powered by OpenStack, Ceph, and NSX to deliver unprecedented control, configurability, and security of virtual machine, storage and network resources. It’s up to date with the latest OpenStack release called Havana. This means there are hundreds of new features and enhancements contributed by over 900 developers in the OpenStack community – representing 145 organizations worldwide – that you can take advantage of. We owe its currency to our continuous integration and deployment methodology, which ensures you can access the latest OpenStack features as soon as they’re available.

DreamHost uses best-of-breed open source tools – Jenkins, Python, virtualenv, fpm, and tox – to automate the creation, testing, and deployment of software packages. Leveraging these tools, Opscode Chef, and Nephology (a DreamHost-developed bare-metal provisioning system), the software powering DreamCompute is continuously upgraded to maintain the feature-set at the leading edge of OpenStack cloud computing innovation.

For Everyday DreamHosters

Web hosting has been,and will continue to be, an essential tool for millions of people globally to communicate, sell, support, and profit on the web. The promise of cloud beyond the shared, virtual private server, and dedicated server hosting services you enjoy today is truly awesome. In years to come, the cloud infrastructure that we build today for developers will give you power to speed up your website, while also lowering your costs through greater automation. With the strong open source focus at DreamHost, we can take advantage of the good works of thousands of developers worldwide to bring you the best solutions.

DreamHost OpenStack Contributions

OpenStack has rapidly become the cloud platform of choice for service providers like DreamHost that want to implement a public cloud like DreamCompute. DreamHost committed to OpenStack in early 2011 asa founding member, and since then has become a leading contributor of code, technical leadership, and community-building. Benefiting from an expert, senior OpenStack development team, DreamHost is now home to two OpenStack Technical Committee members, two Program Technical Leads (PTL), and three core developers – placing DreamHost in the top 15 companies worldwide for code contributions during the Havana release cycle. And, on the business side, our CEO is even on the OpenStack Board of Directors, so you can tell we’re on board in a big way.

We also openly share our technical and operational learnings with the OpenStack community to drive the project forward. DreamHost employees lead OpenStack Meetup groups in Los Angeles and Atlanta, where DreamHost offices and key developers are located.

Leader in Cloud Too!

It never hurts to sign up with a leader in anything. That’s why DreamHost, with its traditional web hosting and new cloud services like DreamCompute and cloud object storage service like DreamObjects is taking a leadership role in cloud. You can tell by our level of commitment and contribution to OpenStack that we’re not just a web host. Being a leader in cloud is about commercial and community success, and DreamHost embraces its role wholeheartedly!

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