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Oo! DreamObjects, Do More and Save More

Today, we’re excited to announce great new features and super great new pricing for DreamObjects!

Your hardworking DreamHost cloud team has just given you more reasons than ever to consider the DreamObjects cloud storage service. We’ve been working away in the back room to offer you new features at even more affordable prices. Or, should I humbly say the best prices in the industry? Before I get to the juicy pricing details, let’s talk about the cool new features that make using DreamObjects for application storage, web site backup, content storage, disaster recovery, and personal backup of photos and videos even easier.

A New Way to Use CNAME Records

It’s now even more convenient to use DreamObjects to store web content with CNAME records! You can now use CNAME records to map to one of your domains to create aliases that point to your DreamObjects buckets.

A Whole New Interface

We’ve built an interface into DreamHost’s web-based account control panel that allows you to easily create, delete, and modify your CNAME records. The interface includes a section for permissions, a link to buckets, and a section for setting up aliases as subdomains on an account.

A New, Easy Way to Upload Files

You can now upload files directly to DreamObjects from a browser using DreamHost’s highly acclaimed web-based account control panel.

A New, Industry-Leading Price

When it comes to online web hosting and cloud services, you can always count on DreamHost to take the lead in delivering incredible value. This is never truer than today as we set industry-leading prices for the completely redundant and optimally resilient DreamObjects cloud storage service.

Effective immediately, DreamObjects’ standard, month-to-month price moves from 7¢ to a remarkable 5¢ per GB of storage and 5¢ per GB of outbound bandwidth. (Incoming bandwidth remains free!) Even-lower pricing is available when making longer-term commitments through pre-paid storage plans. Certain plans even offer prices of less than 2¢ per GB per month!

Ready to get started? Sign up today for a 30-day trial and you’ll get 100GB storage and 100GB of outbound bandwidth FREE for the first month.

To learn more about the use cases for DreamObjects, check out our new short-take video series. And as always, our good partners including ExpanDrive, CloudBerryBackup, Cyberduck, and CrossFTP offer very useful tools to get the most out of the DreamObjects service.


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