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The DreamHost Definition of VIP

Hey DreamScapers, I’m Kathy Brahm, VP of Customer Experience and Sales at DreamHost We’ve started reaching out to our “VIP” customers. While all of our customers are VERY IMPORTANT, we have a unique way of classifying them.  In most companies, you might expect VIPs customers to be defined as “those who pay the most,” or “those who are most popular.”  Well, at DreamHost,we’ve got a different definition of VIP (no shocker!).

We reach out to customers for many different reasons. First,we just like to check-in and see how you’re doing, share information on new projects, or let you know if your service might be changing and improving.

For us, High Profile Customers may have recognizable domain names, or maybe they pay us lots of dough, or maybe they have lots of services with us, or maybe they have just been with us for lightyears, or maybe they just have a really great story to share with us – and with you!

Jamie Muller is one member of our Customer Experience team at DreamHost. She spends her days reaching out to customers, asking them about their services, helping them with whatever they need, and trying her best to give an over-the-phone hug. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys gardening, singing, skipping, jumping rope and throwing out the most friendly F-bomb you’ll ever hear. She’s currently heading up our High Profile customer efforts, so you may have heard from her, you may be on her list.During her calls, Jamie has come across some pretty cool customers.

Here are a few faves:

• Primer Magazine – an online magazine geared toward guys in their mid-20’s, who are just getting out of college and establishing themselves in the business world.

• Moped Guy,as she affectionately calls him.  “He‘s super cool and has lots of enthusiasm and energy!”

• Yoga Guy. “This guy is a super fan of Brett’s newsletters!”

• Pink Floyd Guy. “He was really cool, plus, he also has a site for Orange Goblin.”

Because our business is online, and customers sign up without us immediately seeing who they are or what they do, we never know what hidden gems we have out there. Our goal with this new High Profile customers campaign is to talk to those who use us or know us best. We’re also creating case studies, taking product suggestions, and just reaching out to ask you, “how’s it goin’?”

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