3 Ways to Create a Mobile – Ready Website

Are you ready to go mobile?

We recently launched our Going Mobile microsite to help our customers, and the world in general, understand the whys and the hows of the mobile web. This is something we’ve been thinking a lot about lately, and something many of you have asked us about as well. Understanding the whys and hows of the mobile web can be daunting, especially because there are lots of ways to go about it! But don’t worry, DreamHost has tools to make it easier.

Why mobile matters

Modern mobile web browsers are pretty amazing and basically work just like desktop browsers. From any smartphone, you can browse pretty much any website (Flash websites excluded, of course!) and probably find the information you need. That may lead you to believe that you don’t really need a special mobile website.

The key thing to think about is time – specifically how much time a visitor is willing to spend to find what they want. People at home on a computer might be patient, happily clicking around casually, but someone on the go wants to get in and out quickly.  They’re also more likely to have a limited data connection. A great mobile website helps visitors find the information they need fast – without putting extra stuff in their way.

People are using mobile devices more than ever. Recent studies have shown that a staggering 17.4% of global web traffic originates from mobile devices. Mobile data traffic grew 70% last year as well. Your website needs to be mobile-ready.

DreamHost mobile options

DreamHost is all about giving our customers the flexibility to take as much (or as little) control as they want. We have three options for you to create a mobile experience that best suits your preferences and your audience.

1.    The simplest option for adapting any existing website for mobile browsing is a mobile site builder for creating a dedicated mobile site. This is a new option that we’ve brought to you, with help from DudaMobile. Using the site builder, you can have a mobile website up and running in minutes. Plus, it automatically updates every time you update your main website. Magic! t also adds slick, touch-friendly features like a tap-to-call button, and easy to find directions –perfect for mobile visitors who want to find you asap!

2.     When you design a website so it automatically adapts to the size of a visitor’s screen, that’s called responsive design. This is slightly more complex than a mobile site builder because it requires that your website magically change on its own, but you may already have a responsive website without realizing it. Many WordPress themes and other popular CMS software are responsive out of the box. Try visiting your own website with a really skinny browser window and see if it magically squeezes to fit. Even if your website isn’t responsive today, there are a bunch of design frameworks you can use to kickstart the process.

3.    When you’re really serious about going mobile, you’ll want a standalone native app to take advantage of everything smartphones can do. Mobile apps need a reliable and scalable back-end to really sing – and we’ve got that for you too!  Cloud storage and elastic computing are perfect for building scalable back-ends, and we’ve got both for you (DreamObjects and DreamCompute), in addition to powerful and flexible Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers.

It’s never been easier

This is a great time to be running a website. You’ve got so many cool tools available to you – and more are coming out all the time!With these three options, there’s something for every type of website and every skill level. If you only have a few minutes, go with the mobile site builder, or choose a responsive theme for your WordPress site. If you want more control, choose one of the great responsive design frameworks and build your site mobile-ready from the start. And finally, if you want the tightest possible integration with the smartphone experience, build a native app. DreamHost is here to help you no matter what option you choose.

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