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Mobilize your Website to Make it Hum

Here’s a pop quiz question: should your website visitors be able to easily click around your site while they’re on-the-go?

(Do hummingbirds move around a lot and like sweet experiences?)

Answer: YES, they do, and YES they do!

Ok, we’re not implying that your website visitors are birds, but if they were, they’d want to fly around effortlessly and consume your website’s information seamlessly.Plus, they want to look and feel good while flying around!

That’s why you want to make your website mobile-friendly. Because ifaster is better in today’s website world, especially if you want to turn an increasing number of mobile views into beneficial, profitable visits.

With this in mind, DreamHost has a new, dreamy solution for you! It’s our holistic mobile website blueprint! We could’ve called it something boring and corporate – like “strategy” or “portfolio,” but instead (well, we did slip in the holistic thing), we wanted to provide you clear guidance. It’s like a template that makes mobilizing your site as simple as possible. Our new, three-pronged approach to supporting mobile websites and apps isa direct result of diverse customer feedback, – feedback from you!

Website owners can design a mobile-specific website from the ground up, embrace responsive design principles, and consider native mobile applications development. Here’s a rundown on these approaches:

1. Mobile Site Builder

DreamHost partnered with DudaMobile to provide mobilization tools that turn existing sites into mobile-friendly ones that are optimized for small screens. With DudaMobile’s platform, you don’t have to have skills to redesign and rebuild your existing site – you can quickly and easily create a site specifically designed for mobile devices. You can build a customized experience, including integrated features like tap-to-call, driving directions, and social media feeds with one-click conversion. Or, you can create a new mobile site using templates and existing digital assets. Converted websites will automatically stay in sync with the desktop version. And best of all, for a short introductory period, DudaMobile will be offered for only $6.95 per month. (The regular price is $9 per month).

2. Responsive Design

You can create a website that changes layout to adapt to the viewer’s screen size. Text, images and navigation elements automatically resize to fit the screen – whether it’s a laptop, tablet or phone. Plus, it’s automatic using the latest in web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Now, it’s even easier to include a responsive framework on DreamHost’s web hosting services, making the creation of a responsive website a snap. A responsive site can even be created with DreamHost’s DreamPress, WordPress one-click installs, and other open-source content management systems, many of which include responsive themes. That means no extra work or configuration is required.

3. Native Applications Development

DreamHost also provides infrastructure to support iOS, Android or HTML5 app development – including our DreamObjects unlimited public cloud storage, VPS and Dedicated for managed servers, and DreamCompute for elastic, unmanaged cloud compute power. As a mobile application developer, you understand that the feature set and resiliency of these services ensure a solid back-end infrastructure for your applications.

There you have it, birds of different feathers, you now have the tools to give your website visitors a speedy and seamless mobile experience, in the flap of a wing!

And it’s all available from your colorful hosting provider, DreamHost.

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Bennett Bauer