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DreamCon Speaker Series: Patrick McGarry

Speaker: Patrick McGarry

Topic: In-Ceph-Tion: Deploying a Ceph cluster on DreamCompute

The public cloud is rising. You heard that right; DreamCompute is the new public cloud offering from DreamHost built on top of Ceph and OpenStack. While the marriage of Ceph and OpenStack on the backend is awesome,with object storage via the Swift API and block storage for Cinder via RBD, the ability to drop a Ceph cluster on your local OpenStack implementation is also pretty cool.

Swing by DreamCon and hear how Ceph plugs in to OpenStack both on the backend and front-end, and how you can stand up your own Ceph cluster using your friendly neighborhood OpenStack resource. We’ll also discuss some orchestration methods like Chef, Puppet, Juju, and Ceph-Deploy – specifically what that can mean for both test and production deployments.

For a preview of this part of the discussion, you can see Ceph deployed on Amazon’s EC2 with Juju deployed on Amazon’s EC2 with Juju.

It will be interesting to see where OpenStack and Ceph take us in the next few years. Both have been grabbing tons of interest, participation, and general buzz. OpenStack has been dominating the conversation around cloud flavors and Ceph has been both included in OpenStack excitement as well as generating buzz all on its own The best part is that they’re both active Open Source projects, and ripe for participation. So don’t wait – jump in with both feet!

•   What do you do at DreamHost?

Absolutely nothing! No, really, these days Inktank has become a completely separate (although still friendly and strangely interconnected) entity from DreamHost. I have the pleasure of serving as’Director of Community’ for Inktank though,which means I get to kick around with awesome devs, both internal and external.

•   What projects do you work on? What do you do on a regular basis?

I oversee social media for Ceph, content for ceph.com, community outreach and evangelism, as well as being a rabble-rouser and general ne’er-do-well.

•   What’s one interesting fact we don’t know about you?

I was in the US Navy and got to drive the USS Harry S Truman. Imagine piloting something the size of the Empire State building through the water with a toddler-sized steering wheel – pretty surreal! I actually got my first big-boy job because the manager liked that I had “supervised the transfer of over 17 million gallons of jet fuel.”

•   What Pandora station are you listening to these days?

Get lucky radio. <3 me some Daft Punk!

•   What’s your alma mater?

Degrees? We don’t need no stinkin’ degrees!

•   What’s your go-to cocktail?

Crown & Diet. Michigan is practically Canada to many Americans anyway, so I figure some good Canadian whiskey can’t hurt. Besides, I figure it’s just prudent for when the Canadians invade and annex Michigan.

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