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Top WordPress Plugins for Improving Your Workflow

Web developers can count on WordPress for increasingly snappier plugins. Each year, each week and each day there are new plugins to make your WordPress site smarter, better and faster.

Plugins cover just about every function and customization you need. A plethora of these software components can vastly improve workflow. There are plugins for promotion, traffic analytics, multi-author control, and data backup.

It could take days to narrow down the best. So, the following list is just the iceberg’s tip of helpful plugins, in no particular order.

1.  WordPress SEO by Yoast

By default, WordPress is juiced-up for SEO, but this plugin adds extra oomph.Since editors are the ones most qualified to write blog headlines and decks, this plugin empowers them as search engine optimizers—if they aren’t already.More specifically, WordPress SEO compels editors to use a keyword as the article’s focal point. Previews of search results enable editors to optimize title length and the meta description.

2.  WassUp

Google Analytics aside, you might need to plug WassUp in your WordPress site to track traffic.The plugin provides rich, real-time stats of visitors and their activities on your site, such as search terms, browsers, OS, and referrers. The plugin is also capable of ‘spying on’ or geo-locating visitors. And it counts your visitors – live.

3.  Crazyegg

This crazy cool tweak takes its name from the colorful ‘eggs’ (or dots) that it scatters on a page. The coordinates denote the page’s hottest points, i.e. the areas where visitors clicked the most: a heat map, of sorts. Act on this information and you can gain more traffic and conversions.

4.  Role Scoper

This solution strikes a perfect balance between opening up your site to guest authors and exerting control over the site. Role Scoper is exactly what it says it is: a way to grant and limit roles for reading and editing particular posts, pages and categories.Guest bloggers can alter content even though you remain a sole proprietor.

5.  BackupBuddy

For advanced web developers, this backup solution is worth the premium. With BackupBuddy, migrating and importing sites is a breeze.  It’s capable of zipping up entire sites, databases included, and moving them seamlessly into other domains.

6.  ShareThis

With 1.3 million downloads and counting, ShareThis is undoubtedly one of the most popular plugins out there. Basically it handles the sociability of your posts by way of 120 social channels. It recently added a CopyNShare feature, which lets you detect the most undetectable sharing gesture: copying and pasting your page’s URL.

7.  Advanced Custom Fields

WordPress slays the competition with many other blog publishers by mimicking more complicated CMSes, offering custom fields to accentuate posts.Custom fields are fairly easy to program into a WordPress page—until you get to values like dates, photos, addresses, etc. Advanced Custom Fields eliminates the guesswork and the tedium in encoding fields, whether for one-time use or not.

8.  WYSIWYG Visual HTML Editor & Drag And Drop Web Page Editor

What You See is What You Get’s Plug & Edit package boasts 3D capabilities uncommon in other HTML editors.The UI consists of stackable layers and palettes that enable drag-and-drop formatting of text, images and videos.

9.  Ninja Forms

Web sites run with a limp if they don’t have forms. Ninja Forms offers a complete framework for speedily designing professional-looking forms—without resorting to coding. Enjoy drag-and-drop functionality and input masks, which you can customize to accept only certain kinds of values.

10.  Plugin Organizer

When you settle on your little helpers, manage them all with this plugin. It allows you to regroup plugins; reorder their loading sequence and disable them one by one.

Sharon Freeman is an Australian freelance writer and blogger.  She writes about IT products for companies like TradiePad


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