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I’ve been practicing coming up with attention-grabbing SEO junk titles.  Whaddya think?

A small contingent of DreamHosters were in Manhattan this week to attend CloudExpo East at New York’s Javits Convention Center.

We figured that since we were out of town we might as well make the best of it, and for us that meant seeking out and spending time with some local customers!  That’s right – we held New York’s FIRST official DreamUp!

Just hangin'

Tuesday night high atop the Roosevelt Hotel we opened a tab at Mad46, a cool lounge with a great view!  We invited customers to come out and spend a few hours with us over refreshing drinks and amazing appetizers!  If you missed the invite, you probably don’t follow us on Facebook or Twitter and, well, that’s what happens, Buddy!

Panorama shot!

The handsome gent on the left is Matt Haas. He traveled FOUR HOURS to get there! Matt has the unique distinction of organizing the first DreamUp ever – and he continues to carry the DreamHost torch in Philadelphia as the official DreamUp organizer and DreamHost Ambassador for central Pennsylvania!

Matt and Brett - BFFs

It got a little hard to move there near the end, but we managed to keep people from falling over the side of the building.

The less sun there is, the more people there are...

This DreamUp was a lot of fun, but we don’t live in New York!  In fact, we would be thrilled to hand over the reigns for future New York DreamUps to someone who’s both local and excited to set up a regular meeting of customers to talk all things web and entrepreneurial! Who knows – we may even surprise you and show up at one!  If this sounds like something you think you can handle, let’s talk!

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