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Nope, we’re not playing 007

Many of you will have seen the furor in the media over the last 24 hours about the alleged U.S. government broad-based information collection program, apparently called Prism.  Given the understandable concerns that our customers – and all free peoples of the world – have about privacy, I wanted to let our customers know that DreamHost is a freedom-centered internet company with strong values to protect our customers constitutional rights in accordance with the founding principles of the U.S., and also the moral obligations to our customers of privacy that we hold to be inviolate.

So it will come to no surprise to our community to know that we have never heard of a program like Prism, as has been described in the media, and we do not and would not participate in it if we were ever asked to.  To do so would violate the trust and responsibility we have to our customers, and would also – in our humble but firm opinion – likely violate the laws and founding principles of the United States.

Simon Anderson
CEO, DreamHost

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