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Customer Spotlight: Troublesome Tots


Q. Where can we find your website?


Q. First, tell us a bit about Troublesome Tots. What makes it a unique community?

A. Troublesome Tots is all about helping parents get their kids to sleep. We cover topics like, how to use baby swings, the importance of swaddling, schedules, white noise, etc. Also, every parent’s questions like, how not to let sleep regressions/growth spurts throw you off your game. And if all else has failed? How, when, and why sleep training might be the right thing for you.

We try to pull together the best information available from books, research, interviews with world-renowned pediatricians, etc. We also try to keep things clear and judgement free. The last thing you need when you’re feeling like an exhausted lump of a parenting failure is somebody sanctimoniously telling you, “you’re doing it wrong.” Most people who haven’t slept or showered in a month worry that they aren’t on the right track, so they don’t need it to be explained to them. So, we keep things friendly and funny. I think (hope) it’s working as I’m constantly AMAZED by the kindness and humor in the comments.

As Troublesome Tots has grown, I can’t keep up with responding to all the comments. Luckily, my readers (an amazing community of parents) are helping each other out! That’s both awesome and humbling.

Q. How did you get involved in helping families resolve sleep problems?

A. I am the proud parent of two non-sleeping babies with severe reflux. Back in what we now laughingly refer to as “the dark days,” we were so tired and miserable that I used to fantasize about sleep. Like, if given the choice between spending the day on the beach sipping Sangria with Bono or eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, I would have chosen sleep!. The Internet offered very little help, and any help I DID find was surprisingly judgmental. While sorting out our own parenting problems, I learned a ton.

Honestly, Troublesome Tots started because I wanted to play around with WordPress. It evolved into a vehicle to share what we learned in our own sleep journey – along with thousands of other tired parents. These days, it’s Troublesome Tots takes on a life of its  own. It’s both entirely unexpected and really rewarding.


Q. What’s the number one piece of advice you give to parents who have children with sleep problems?

A. Do something different. People get so ground down and flat out exhausted that they’re terrified to do anything differently. Because no matter how bad things are now, the fear of things getting worse is paralyzing. Parenting is hard. Getting babies to sleep is really hard. But nothing is going to get better if you keep doing what you did the day before. Sometimes, the only way out is to put on your big girl/boy panties, come up with a plan, implement the plan, and have a little faith in yourself.

Q. How long have you been using DreamHost?

A. I’ve been a DreamHost customer for as long as I’ve been blogging – just over two years. I started with one small site and now host eight, and also upgraded to VPS service as traffic has grown.


Q. Do you use any tools in the DreamHost panel? If so, which ones?

A. Like most people, I primarily use the manage domains/hosting options when launching a new site. I check in on VPS resource management and make adjustments as necessary. While not a “tool” per se, I’ve found the customer support to be immensely helpful. I’m less technical than 99 percent of DreamHost customers, but the customer support team has never flinched from explaining things to me using small words and hand gestures

Q. Do you have any suggestions or comments for DreamHost?

A. I think DreamHost is going to have more people like me in the future – smart and technically inclined, but not particularly technical .To keep support costs down and create a clear differentiation with the customer, I think making the panel interface, integrated help, and support documentation intuitive, discoverable, and easy to understand will be key. This is going to be a challenge for all hosting companies, so I think the one that nailswill be incredibly successful!

Q. Are you on Facebook or Twitter? If so, please provide links so our readers can find you.


We also have a lively community of kind yet sleep deprived parents on G+

Q. Now, to totally throw you off…if you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, past or present, fictional or real, with whom would it be and why?

A. This is one of those questions where I feel I should say “Ghandi, so I can learn about sacrifice and peaceful conflict resolution and stuff like that.” But the truth is, I would choose something more fun. Like maybe it would be cool to be Jackie O for a week so I could be this smart, beautiful style icon hanging out in Hyannis (Camelot) with the Kennedys, who were basically the most powerful people on the planet, doing all the cool things that wealthy people did in their enormous vacation homes. Which I believe amounted to drinking and playing tennis? Anyhoo that would be cool.



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