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A Lean Development Dream Team

When I started at DreamHost six years ago, the development team was fairly non-existent compared to other web hosts. If you were a customer before 2007, you might be surprised to hear that. There were always so many new features mentioned in that crazy monthly newsletter. We must have had tons of people working day and night to make that happen, right?


Nope! Just two full-time Perl developers.

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In fact, the four founders of DreamHost pretty much laid out the foundation to everything you use today. Since the get-go, we’ve always embraced automation and have done things ourselves. This mentality saved us time in the early days—before you had all of these fancy queue and task software things.

You also may ask why Perl? Well, work with me here. This is before skinny jeans started making a comeback and just about every scripting language was the same and had caveats. To this day, I don’t regret our decision. Things worked well for us, especially considering what we had at the time.

Having this sort of automation set us way ahead of the game, and allowed us to create all the great features you have today in the DreamHost panel. 

By the way, did I mention that our panel is built in-house? That’s right, we’re not tied to some third-party company that’s starts with a ‘C’ and has the word ‘panel’ in it, that’s all us baby. But why?


Because no one has time for that. We want to bring customer features quickly and we do that by understanding our customers from our suggestion tool in the panel. This allows customers to suggest features and vote other suggestions up in the rankings so they get priority. In addition, we understand our panel from top to bottom. Unlike others, we don’t take your feature request and beg some third-party to implement it. We just do it.


Getting features out isn’t a problem for our lean development team! So please give us suggestions in the panel. Whether you’re making the next big Internet phenomenon or giving your own customers an easy way to purchase your services, we’re here to make your life easier.

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