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DreamCon Speaker Series #3: Jason Brown

During DreamCon, I’ll be speaking on the process and benefits of optimizing your graphics for the web. The session will revolve around Adobe Photoshop, and will go over the ‘save for web’ feature, as well as which file formats are best to use for specific situations. For example, we’ll identify the differences between GIF, PNG, and JPG, as well as when and how you should utilize transparency. All of this and more will be talked about, and should be as easy to digest as a cool glass of lemonade on a warm summer day…or something like that.


What do you do at DreamHost?

I fight the ugly. All day and night, I fight the ugly with every ounce of good taste a dude can muster. I’m not talking about ugly people…that’s just rude.  Design. Design is what I’m talking about here. For some reason, the world is plagued by ugliness, and has been as far back as design can be traced. Heck, even some hieroglyphics we’ve uncovered look as if they were done by feet. Who draws with their feet?! My duty, and passion, is to keep the DreamHost brand from falling into the lazy, mundane realm of design that loiters around our industry, maximizing our visual appeal to the consumer.


What projects do you work on? What do you do on a regular basis?

I direct and conceive visuals for all customer-facing materials, both digital and print. This includes DreamHost.com, any and all microsites, marketing campaigns, trade show appearances, and of course, DreamHost swag. I like swag…swag is cool.


What’s one interesting fact we don’t know about you?

What’s next, a/s/l? Let’s see…aside from enjoying the use of ellipsis, I had a blast playing pro baseball for Tijuana, Mexico, during the early 2000s. (insert Kenny Powers joke here)


What shows are on your DVR?

When they’re in season, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, and Chicago Cubs games. Yeah, I know…we suck.  Wanna fight about it?


What Spotify playlists/stations are you listening to these days?

I’m one of those peeps whose mood dictates the type of music I listen to. If I’m designing, it’s usually something that’s light on the lyrics, like Astrud Gilberto, or Andy McKee. If I feel like letting my hair down, I’ll put on some classic rock, a la Rolling Stones, or Pink Floyd. If I’m ready to get weird, I’ll pump some classic hip-hop, like Dilla, De La Soul, or DJ Quik.


What iPhone/iPad app sucks more of your time than you’d like to admit?

Camera+. I take at least 10 iPhotographs a day. No, I’m not a Hipster, and I don’t have an Instagram account…relax.


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