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PA DreamUp… Session 1 Recap

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Our first DreamUp was a lot of fun! Almost a dozen people gathered at a local restaurant. We had the entire 2nd floor to ourselves. Since we met on a Wednesday, the restaurant wasn’t too busy and they were happy to have us in that space. Truly a win-win.

Two topics were on the agenda and everyone found the information useful. However, the meeting quickly took on a life of it’s own. It was great to learn about the challenges the attendees were facing. Some had just launched a WordPress blog and others had questions about which top level domain names they should choose. Others had more advanced questions like: “Can a WordPress site look good on a small device?” A detailed recap can be found here: PAdreamUp.com/dreamup-001

Basically, everyone appreciated having a place to connect, meet like-minded people, get some questions answered, learn a few new things, and have a fun night out.

Going forward the DreamUps will be structured like this:

  • Social time / meet-and-greet

  • 3 topics (10 mins each)

    • Anyone can request a speaking/presenting role prior to the meeting

  • DreamHost Change-Log

    • This is where we pass along DreamHost news

      • updates

      • new services

      • events

  • Swag give-a-way!

    • A few participants took home some DreamHost branded items: pens, buttons, novelty glowing ice cubes, etc.

    • Each session will have a unique sticker! Add them to your name badge. Whoever has the most stickers wins a prize! Be sure to collect them all!

Many participants stayed at the restaurant after the event. Some of the topics got a bit silly, like how to add rainbows and unicorns to any site with cornify.com and how to make any webpage look like it was made by a 13 year-old in 1996 with geocitiesizer.

My goal is to ensure topics stay focused on web technology issues that are important to the DreamUp community. Participants will have a lot of influence over what is covered in future meetings. One thing that became obvious pretty quickly is that WordPress is very, very popular! That will be a big part of future meetings. I’m also looking to have other people present topics and I’m thankful to say that a local crowdsourcing startup reached out to me and will take one of the open 10-minute slots at our May DreamUp!

Even though we only have one DreamUp under our belt, I’m thrilled with the response so far and momentum that has been generated. I’m looking forward to hosting many more DreamUps. It’s a lot of fun hanging out with people who want to make web technology work for them. I know I don’t have all the answers but that’s part of the fun!

A big “THANK YOU” to the DreamHost team for helping make this possible!

Future meetings and agenda topics can be found here: MeetUp.com/PA-DreamUp

More info about PA DreamUp can be found on our blog: PAdreamUp.com


-DreamUp Leader PA Matt Haas-

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