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I’m a music nerd. I’m one of those people that can rattle off my top 50 bands, and you’ve probably never heard of _ANY_ of them (and, uh, a lot aren’t actually bands, more collectives of people interpreting … oh, oops .. ugh, sorry).

Right, so, I really like music, I love finding new bands, I love being involved in the music industry, being back stage, seeing the light trusses go up before a show, I love it all!. As you can expect, I’m always on the hunt for new bands or artists, new music, and new opportunities to see my favorite music acts live. Social media is a great way to keep in touch with a music act and even be exposed to music THEY like, but it can’t replace the need for a full-on website. A band or artist has to have a centralized place to keep its fans abreast on their happenings, not just a place to complain about how awful being on the road is:


That said, a lot of times I stumble upon artists that have just released a hot tune, or awesome news, and their poor website is STRUGGLING to keep up! When this happens, I get excited, as I know I can reach out to them, and try to help, either by offering a move to DreamHost, or by providing some assistance in diagnosing their problem. This isn’t something that’s easy, but it does give me a sense of satisfaction to give back to a cause I enjoy.

Now, on the meat of the issue here: capacity! Most indie level artists don’t need more than the basic level of hosting with us, or any other hosting provider. But, when and if that big news pops up, you have to be ready! Most artists don’t have time to think about this sort of thing, but their management/web people should! (I’m not talking about unsigned act, i’m talking about indie type bands that have representation). If a band is expecting a big push a quick note to your hosting provider might be able to help you get what you need. In our case, we would probably want to move you to a VPS, so you can scale your memory usage higher, based on the demand they’re seeing. When that big announcement is made, you’d raise the memory level higher, and monitor.

Also, this doesn’t just apply to music, it could be anything. Maybe you have a book coming out, or a festival that is announcing their lineup. We host a lot of customers that do a lot of neat things, and want to make sure they’re ready to take things to the next level!

We can help you with this, but it does take some planning, contact support if you feel you’re on the verge of something great, and we’ll be happy to get a plan going for you!

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