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Golden DreamObjects Promotion!

We’re going really large scale with our DreamObjects public cloud storage, and we want to share our excitement with our dear customers! The only question is, will you be one of the Fortunate 1,000, spectacularly lucky 10,000, or superbly blessed every day user of DreamObjects?


Yes, images of the proverbial pot at the end of the rainbow comes to mind! If your one of the first 1,000 new DreamObjects customers to sign up, you get cloud storage and data transfer out, both at 2¢ per GB…Forever… well, we really mean for as long as you have your account with us (the fine print says it definitely can’t go with you into your next life form, but it can sure make this one go easier).

If you miss the cutoff, don’t despair, there’s still a very worthwhile pot at the end of your rainbow, only its just about 23.99kt pure  gold – the next 1,000 new customers will get storage and transfer pricing at 3¢ per GB per month. Either way, you’ll still get to take advantage of our  trial offer, and that’s 100GB storage & 100GB data transfer out FREE for 30 days!

The maximum storage under this promotion is 1TB after which standard usage-based billing rates of 7¢ storage and 7¢ data transfer out pricing applies. It’s the latter part of this disclaimer that pertains to the superbly blessed every day DreamObjects users.  Why? Look at this chart and it’s clear that you can’t get a better every day price on this stuff:

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.56.23 PM
ADDED BONUS: Sign up for multi-factor authentication, get 1GB totally free storage for the life of your service!  Slipped that added bonus thing in there because we’re really keen on doing these kinds of offers for all kinds of very useful things you can sign up for. Could be, that with all of the freebies over time, you’ll be able to store your entire digital personal and business life for maybe no cost at all and pocket all the gold!


What does that digital life look like? DreamObjects is great for casual users and all of you savvy developers that call DreamHost home. Applications range from personal backup of documents, photos and videos to application storage and Web site backup. Anyone needing to store content accessible via the Internet has readily available storage and can even take advantage of disaster recovery capabilities by having another copy in the cloud… you know, where the rainbow starts.

Anyway, we’re excited for you, us, and anyone else who likes gold. Sign up today, so we can all be excited about being excited, and I promise I’ll never use the pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow analogy ever again, in this life form at least!   https://www.dreamhost.com/cloud/dreamobjects/



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