Blogging to Build a Real Customer Base

In the era of client-consumerism, words like “bonus,” “included,” “extra,” “more,” and “free” drive product consumption. Software companies offer trials with extensions, web-memberships provide swag or freebies, and coupons are always distributed to those who will relinquish their email address. But you’re building a business, not some over-funded marketing scheme to get a million likes on Facebook. You need real customers, on-time payments, and solid referrals. That’s why blogging to build a real customer base is critical.

Yet client-consumerism is real and traffic – virtual or physical – flows toward the low-cost, high-value option. Using the internet as a venue for information, customers receive answer to their questions within seconds of a query from ad-centric websites, yet tangible products and services are seemingly locked within social review sites.

Meanwhile, your independent site sits in the wake of paid SEO, adrift in the sea of site-specific search and mistyped queries. But all is not lost!

You’re the expert on your business, you make the product, manage the job, and provide the service. The internet is your venue to provide more valuable information to customers, facilitating the consumptive flow through your domain. Exude your expertise and trade mastery by developing and disseminating information. By publishing consistently informative articles and building subscription readership, you increase your SEO for FREE, drive real traffic and build tangible customer relationships.

 Getting Started:

  • Comb industry news for interesting articles.
  • Identify industry technologies your firm employs.
  • Avoid shameless endorsement of a product without an academic evaluation to back it up.
  • Begin an in-depth and relevant FAQ.
  • Provide readers with an opportunity to give feedback about your products and services.
  • Provide a vehicle for customers to become subscribers (through newsletters, tweets, or updates)

Through your commitment to writing about your industry, your customers will have access to accurate, relevant, and unique information on your subject, providing you a baseline for customer expectation and product knowledge and the de-commodification of your business.

You will reinforce your authority as an expert in the field, bringing legitimacy to your business. Plus, you will create customer communities that mean more than coupons, by providing a record of your continued education in an ever-evolving industry, in a fast-moving economy, on a perpetually turning planet.


This is a guest post by  John Patrick Mizell

John has worked in entrepreneurism, organizational development, and web-design for 15 years; serving community and academic organizations, not-for-profits, and independent ventures. He currently runs a business development firm that provides technological consulting, project management, and process engineering services.

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