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Customer Spotlight: Sleep Deprivation Ninja

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I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Eivy of Sleep Deprivation Ninja at last years Seattle Reach Out and Touch You Tour!  Adam and his wife were such a pleasure to talk too!  I love that I get to meet our customers face to face,  it really does make this job eve more exciting!

I was also very happy to do a feature on Adam’s site, Sleep Deprivation Ninja! So here we go….

Thank you Adam for doing a Customer Spotlight with us!

Where can we find your site?

Sleep Deprivation Ninja (on DreamHost, of course)

Tell me about your site?

It started as a new dad blog where I wrote prose and haikus as a ninja dad.

About a year ago, I realized I really wanted to pursue comics as a career and I already had that persona built and a few stories that I could convert into comics scripts–so this just seemed like a good place to start. I joined The Bureau of Drawers, a Seattle based drawing collective, and met Carl Nelson and some other great artists. I didn’t have any real plan for what to do with the comic once I got it done–aside from a vague notion that I should start with a 9 page short and shop it around to anthologies–but I’m glad I put it up online instead of keeping it in the dark. Now everyone can enjoy it. Recently, the whole 9 page short was released in the first Bureau of Drawers free digital anthology.

Tell me about your organization?

Organization is an interesting concept. I’m trying to get better at it. I wrote a few comics scripts, realized my drawing skills weren’t exactly where I wanted them to be and got Carl Nelson  to do the art.

Who designed your site? 

I threw it together with a bit of help from the ComicPress WordPress Theme. Really, it was just a quick hack and I’m still occasionally putting changes up but I figure if I spend too much time meddling with the actual site, I won’t get any writing done–or learn to draw any better–and I’ve noticed that bad website design seems to be a thing with comics 🙂

My Cat, Milo(This is my cat, Milo. I think he wanted to know if I had morning breath.)

What is your web traffic like?

Parents, software engineers, artists, comics fans. They probably have emotional ranges including surliness, adventurousness, curiosity and so on. I try not to judge.

Which landing page has the most traffic?

Hmm… let me check those analytics… the main page. I suppose that’s expected for a webcomic. I toyed with the idea of putting the most recent comic on the front page (as most web comics do)–but this isn’t a single-post punchline kind of comic; it’s a story. So the pages don’t get an even distribution of attention.

How long have you been using DreamHost?

It feels like longer, but the web panel says I started in March of 2003. So a little over 9 years. Good times.

Why did you choose DreamHost as your host?

Initially, I was drawn in by the highlighted “linux” aspect and the numbers just looked right. I quickly took advantage of the referral program and got some friends involved. What really sold me on staying with DreamHost was when I was playing around with learning perl and I sent in a tech support query, requesting the installation of some obscure perl crypto module. The rep on the other end just said, ‘sure, we can do that’. With the constant hilarious newsletters and the ever increasing storage and bandwidth allocations, I knew I was in the right place.

Do you use any tools in the DreamHost Panel you use?

Of course, since I’m a web developer, I’ve got a dozen domains and dozens of subdomains. I love being able to pop into the panel, create a subdomain and install WordPress with 1 click, all in less than 5 minutes.

Do you have any suggestions for DreamHost? Anything you would like to see, use, and change?

Ever thought of hosting Node.js? But seriously, I actually think there are too many 1-click installs. I mean, do we really need 9 different CMS options? WordPress wins. It’s a battle but I think it’s worth fighting the subversive notion that WordPress is only a blogging engine. I can’t count how many small and large business websites I’ve built using WordPress (most of them without even a notion of a blog).

Tell me a a smidge about yourself and how you got started in with Sleep Deprivation Ninja?

Four years ago, my daughter was born. My wife and I started reading parenting blogs and found a few that just cracked us up. It suddenly occured to me one night that I should create an alter ego and start an anonymous parenting blog about being a web developer and a new dad. After toying with a few names, I took the Moby Wrap (basically just a piece of black cloth) we had been using to carry my daughter and I wrapped it around my head and posed a bit for the camera. There it was, Sleep Deprivation Ninja was born.

Sleep Dep Ninja - Fight Scene

To retain a bit of anonymity (didn’t last), I dubbed my daughter Code Name Alice. She’s turned out to be a pretty awesome kid–certainly worthy of the fictional baby with psionic powers 🙂

Code Name Alice Finding Pill Bugs in Compost[Photo: Code Name Alice Finding Pill Bugs in the Compost] (she’s not afraid of anything)

When I was a kid, I loved to write and draw. I don’t know why it never occurred to me that people can actually make comics for a living, but I ended up abandoning those interests about 10 years ago to pursue the life of a web developer–it seemed like a stable future with enough creative growth to keep me going. I worked in the start-up world for a while and even started my own. I’m currently working at Disney, building something like a cross between the DreamHost control panel and WordPress, which is creatively cool when I can work on the framework but I don’t always have creative freedom and often get bogged down with the bureaucracy that comes from working for other people. So when I figured out that creating comics could be a good thing to do on the side (and a possible next career), I grabbed my Sleep Deprivation Blog and shook it until some stories came out.

I’ve got a bunch of other ideas for comics that are more serious and even a few scripts ready to go–but until I feel more comfortable drawing them myself, they are waiting in the wings.

In the meantime, I’m working on producing a new comic short for the Bureau of Drawers every Quarter. We just released Volume B with a comic that I wrote and drew:

Bureau - Vol B

[Photo: Bureau – Vol B]

What superhero would you be and why?

This might be surprising since I am pursuing comics as a career change, but I’ve never been that interested in super heroes. If you would permit me to loosen the definition of “super hero” from the traditional norm, I’d have to say that there’s an obvious choice and it’s the same answer to the question of which Disney character I’d be. After all, I do work in the Cloud, on the grid, a digital frontier–and I do like to picture clusters of information as they move through the computer. What do they look like? Ships? Motorcycles? Are the circuits like freeways? (cue Daft Punk)

Are you on Twitter or Facebook?  If so, please provide the links so our readers can find you

Plentifully: — that’s me – one of my many alter egos

I also put some writing occasionally on one of my blogs (also DreamHost hosted):

My portfolio is on DreamHost too–but like the shoemaker’s kids, who’s shoes are old and worn, it has truly lost its sole. But you can experience one of my most favorite open source libraries if you click on the ‘need more awesome’ button at the bottom: \[._.]/

Any other comments?  

I had a blast when you guys came to Seattle. Come back soon!

Thanks again Adam!

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