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DreamHost presents…. DreamScape!



Welcome to DreamScape, our new online community for entrepreneurs and developers! Yes, it’s more than a place for DreamHost customers to hang out. It’s a place for anyone to read about how to use and get the best out of web hosting, cloud storage and computing, WordPress, e-commerce, and more.

And you can share your views as well – because if it’s expressed out in plain sight, it’s quite all right. First Amendment rules.

We passionately believe in the power of the Internet to enable individuals and businesses to create, share and prosper. So DreamScape is an open window where you’re free to dive in and – hopefully – get a little further along on your journey to your own personal definition of web success. You’ll find a daily dose of how-to and insightful articles on web hosting and cloud topics, as well as the DreamHost blog, and customer spotlights to spark your creativity from those who may have innovated before.

So jump in, read fast, be vocal, and help us nurture DreamScape as the authentic, web-centric community site it’s intended to be.



Simon Anderson

CEO, DreamHost

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