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A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Discusses OpenStack & Ceph

The “Ceph Lords” refer to an elite society of scholars, technologists, and engineers that was founded by Captain Nemo almost 150 years ago.  While on a seafaring exploration 20,000 leagues under the sea, he tangled with a colossal cephalopod that had never been documented before.  Thereafter, the Captain recruited the best and brightest to study nature’s mysteries and apply their discoveries in an effort to advance science and technology.

Over fifty highly esteemed members of the OpenStack community will convene at DreamHost’s San Francisco office on Thursday, February 2nd.  The theme of this Meetup will be the Ceph storage project and how it’s currently being implemented in production.

Ceph is a massively scalable, open source, distributed storage system.  There has been widespread interest from the OpenStack community in using Ceph’s RADOS Block Device to fill the block storage void in the cloud software stack.  There is also interest in using Ceph’s object store as a potential alternative to Swift.

The OpenStack project has been an important part of Ceph’s development effort.  To learn more about how the Ceph team is contributing to the OpenStack project, visit .

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6:30 PM – Food, drink, & networking

7:15 – Welcome

7:25 – “Introduction to Ceph and DreamHost’s Object Service Deployment”

Ben Cherian, GM of Emerging Tech at DreamHost, will kick off the discussion.  He’ll provide a general overview of the Ceph project.

Tommi Virtanen, Senior File Systems Engineer, will continue the overview from a much more technical perspective.

Carl Perry, Cloud Architect, will finish with a real-world description of the DreamHost object storage service implementation of Ceph.

8:15 – Intermission

8:30 – “OpenStack Block Storage with Ceph”, Christopher MacGown, Co-Founder and CTO of Piston Cloud Computing, Inc.

9:15 – Sessions are complete – more networking


Written by: Brent Scotten

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