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DreamHost + MuckerLab = BFFs

We’re proud to announce today that DreamHost is the official web and app hosting partner of MuckerLab!

MuckerLab is a self-styled “Start-Up Accelerator” which is really just a fancy way of saying “Tech Incubator”. The MuckerLab program is an intensive three month program aimed at helping web entrepreneurs realize their dreams through a comprehensive support system.

5 to 10 fortunate startups are accepted into the program during which they’re given extensive mentoring, office space, and financial support to help get their ideas off the ground and into the web browsers of men and women around the world.

MuckerLab is unique in that they’ve chosen to focus their efforts on empowering start-ups in the Los Angeles and greater Southern California area. As a one-time Los Angeles-based startup ourselves (DreamHost started waaay back in 1997) we know that tech talent is abundant in Southern California throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, and beyond.

Silicon Valley may get all the press, but the talent pool in Los Angeles is, in many respects, an untapped resource. We absolutely support the vision of MuckerLab and are proud to be associated with any effort that draws attention to the talent and vision of the creative web entrepreneurs in and around Southern California.

Check out our press release for more info!

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