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Lookin’ good there, Self!

Every morning we drag ourselves out of bed and take a good, long look at ourselves in the mirror. For the last few months…we haven’t liked what we’ve seen.

Some days we felt downright ugly. The truth of the matter is we were just old. Stale. Aspercremey. Prone to hip breakage.

Five years ago we were smokin’ hot! But, let’s face it, time marches on and things can’t always look as good as we used to think they did. Everything that once dangled or bobbed sags southward eventually, and all we could do was sit there feeling sorry for ourselves and watch as the months ticked by.

One day something clicked and we decided we’d had enough! So we did what everyone in Southern California does.

We paid someone to just start cutting.

And sculpting. And suturing. Cutting some more. And sculpting some more. And suturing some more.

For a while there we were a bloody mess and couldn’t even recognize ourselves! But the wounds have healed, we’ve got a spring in our step, and our face has never been more handsome.

Classic front pagery

We’d like to thank our friends over at Bolton Design for their hard work in deciphering the ramblings and stream-of-consciousness fallout from our many brainstorm meetings.

They took all of that insanity and transformed it all into a functional, helpful, easy-on-the-eyes website that we’re proud to have in place at dreamhost.com.

Shared Web Hosting.  The gateway drug of the hosting world.

Like so many who have gone under the knife, we were empty inside. Our souls were dead. Our self-esteem was at an all-time-low. No matter how many times people told us we were pretty, we could never believe it because we lacked the emotional capacity to take pride in ourselves or our accomplishments.

Our cosmetic makeover was really just a way for us to mask a much deeper problem. For years our website was served up by static HTML pages – boring, lifeless HTML pages. It was bit of a maintenance nightmare but we always told ourselves that it was “good enough.”

No longer.

DreamHost.com is now powered by WordPress.

Niceness all around.

You heard me. We’re all-WordPress, all-the-time over here.

WordPress may have started out as a blogging platform, but it has since grown into something much larger. We happen to find that it’s pretty great as a content management system, too!

We hope you like the changes. We sure do!

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