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Cameras are a wonderful thing, in a microsecond, smiles, frowns and goofy hair-styles are recorded in megapixel glory FOREVER.  Some people HATE having their pictures taken. Maybe it brings back childhood memories of them pooping in their pants while sitting on Santa Claus’ lap or perhaps being frozen with fear, mouth agape, in front of a six-foot tall mute Mickey Mouse.

NOOOO !!!!!!

Thankfully, we most of us at DreamHost LOVE having our pictures taken and during a recent company-wide photo session our employees went NUTS with costumes and props. Being the open company that we are (heck our webpage shows our cherished childhood portraits), you get to see some of the craziness here.

We’re CRAZY !

DreamHost has been hiring like mad and it can be a real challenge to put a name to a face when there is a new employee every few days.  So to fix all that, we updated our internal photo gallery by embarking on an epic six-day photo shoot spanning the Brea and downtown Los Angeles offices.  Over 1650 pictures totaling 22.47 Gigabytes were taken with our “vainest” employee cataloging an astronomical 67 snapshots.

Graveyard Shift – BREA

Graveyard Shift – Downtown LA

Most employees were happy to take a very serious “corporate” picture along with a few goofy snapshots, but the graveyard tech support shifts stepped up to the plate by posing as a group – now that’s teamwork!  As pictures slowly “leaked” to our Facebook page, our employees became wilder trying to outdo each other … words were exchanged, punches were thrown and Tron disc battles erupted.

Brett shows the Canadian who’s boss

Too much caffeine …

Formal Fridays has gone too far

Best costume award goes to …

Photobomb successful

So angry !

No users were harmed during this photoshoot

Are you photogenic and looking for a job?  We’re still hiring and we offer costume-rich work environment, great benefits and free professional pictures.  Go to our jobs page for a listing of available positions.

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