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Come out and see us at Parallels Summit 2011!

Parallels Summit 2011

A few of DreamHost’s “big thinkers” will be at Parallels Summit 2011 later this month in Orlando, Florida. We’ll be flying out from sunny Orange County, California all the way to…sunny Orange County, Florida!

If any of you business-types would like to mix and mingle with some of our business-types, this would be a great time to reach out. Drop a line to events@dreamhost.com soon if you plan to attend and we’ll do our best to set something up.

We’ll be renewing some old acquaintances, but what really excites us is the prospect of making new friends.

Maybe, say…over a glass of wine back at our hotel room?

No? Oh, okay.

YOUR hotel room then. Got it.

What? Well, the details aren’t important. We can talk logistics in Orlando.

One way or another, you’ll have a chance to get into bed with us. Figuratively.

And while I’m personally not making the trip to Parallels Summit 2011 I’d be happy to compare and contrast the differences, both obvious and subtle, between Orange County‘s Walt Disney World and Orange County‘s far superior Disneyland to anyone who will listen.

Look at us! Goin’ to hosting conferences. Talkin’ business. Wearin’ underpants. Doin’ things we said we’d never do. Yes-sir-ee, it’s a whole new era around here.

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