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Halloween 2010!

Saturday night we held our annual Halloween party in one of the most unique venues we’ve ever found.

I'm not sure where this plugs in, but I have a few ideas.

This year we held it at The Edison in downtown Los Angeles.

The Edison!

It’s a very unique space with a very cool aesthetic. You should check it out some time if you’re in the area.

The costumes this year were outstanding.

A Tron Lightcycle! With spinning motor and lightwire highlights.

Your wish is granted, long live Jambi.

Gentlemen, you cannot escape the law.

We’ve thrown a few party photos up on our Flickr page, so check ’em out and imagine yourself partaking of the open bar in a responsible manner and not-at-all suffering the next day.

It could happen…

…if you apply for a job with us!

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