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Introducing… Chartbeat!

Chartbeat in DreamHost Web Panel

I’m a big fan of holiday advent calendars where you open up one of the doors each day in December and get some sort of little prize as you count down the days to your favorite winter-time holiday.  In fact, last year I asked my wife to get me one… and she did!  She filled it up with all kinds of chocolatey goodies and I was a happy days-until-my-favorite-winter-time-holiday-counter-downer all through most of the month of December.  So, sort of like that, but not every day and not as chocolatey and not really actually holiday related, we have something new for you! …  Slick integration with the Chartbeat real-time analytics service into the DreamHost Web Control Panel.  Chartbeat provides real-time information about the visitors to your website, including what they are doing, which pages they are visiting, and what parts of the pages they are looking at.  It also goes beyond that and incorporates information from other parts of the web like twitter so you can gain even more insight into where visitors are coming from and what they’re saying about you.  I’ve been using Chartbeat for this blog for the past month or so and it’s actually made boring old web stats fun and interesting again.  It’s a unique look at your visitors that I had never seen before.  The iPhone app with push notifications is slick, too.

Chartbeat is a paid service that you can order straight from the DreamHost Web Control Panel, and there’s a 30 day free trial so you can give it a go and see what you think.  The Chartbeat team would love to hear comments from our users so give it a try even if you don’t think you’d end up using it.  You may be surprised to find you use it more than you thought you would!

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